Skip Beat, Dark Moon Photoshoot

The ‘Dark Moon’ arc is probably my favourite arc in SKIP BEAT until the recent turn of events in the ‘Dangerous Mission’ . I felt it was the most complete arc in Skip Beat and I absolutely love how Kyoko came up with her own version of “Mio”. It was a bold and risky step but Kyoko did it anyway, based on her raw instinct as a performer.

I really respected her for this as choosing to act as a scar faced antagonist is not exactly the best way to win the popularity vote nor pave a glamorous grand debut (Although she was kinda tricked into taking up this role xD). Not to mention she never liked such dark and moody characters before this and thus this showed how much thoughts, emotions and professionalism she poured into it.

Sorry for going in such detail about my admiration for Kyoko and her interpretation of Mio (HOMG I talk like she’s real ! OTAKU MAX OAO!!!) .


Hongo Mizuki (Momose Itsumi): Sakurazaki
Hongo Mio (Mogami Kyoko): Kaika
Photo by: Brian Lim
2nd Photographer: Anthony Tan

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Let me briefly explain this series and the storyline we are portraying, just in case you don’t follow the series.

Mizuki (portrayed by Itsumi who is cosplayed by Sakurazaki) and Mio (portrayed by Kyoko who is cosplayed by Kaika) are cousins born to the Hongo Family. The Hongo family is incredibly rich, powerful and have their fair share of skeletons in the closet. Mio is the rich but scarred daughter of the Head of the Hongo family while Mizuki is the orphaned daughter of the previous Head of the family.

Mizuki is beautiful, cheerful and optimistic despite her circumstances while Mio is ugly, gloomy and sadistic…despite her luxurious life. Mio hates Mizuki just for being happier than her.

Itsumi and Kyoko are both TV actresses in the series (Skip Beat) who are employed to act in this stellar remake of a highly popular TV Drama. Confusing? Yes, it is! hahahah! Go read the series if you have time, the twists and turns and character development will blow your mind!



Mizuki is always so cheerful and optimistic despite her circumstances that Mio envies and hates her to the core.

“Mio: The prettier her heart is, the uglier I compare …”                         

                                “ What if I stab this knife into Sensei’s body? ”


“Mizuki: Why do you want to hurt Sensei?? He is your sister’s…

……your sister’s fiance.”



* Turns slowly*




“ Hehehehe ….”





*Off screen*

“ Kyoko: Hmmm how do you think should I react in this part?

Itsumi: Ahh … maybe it would be good if you first …. .”




Despite their roles in the drama, Itsumi and Kyoko get along very well in real life.









I had been wanting to cosplay Mio since FOREVER! Ugly and creepy as she was, I was still so thrilled to be able to cosplay her! In fact I was longing so much to have the chance to portray a psycho b*tch haha !


This is the makeup trial I did in march 2012. Yes, more than a year before our actual Dark Moon Shoot (which occurred in May 2013. Yes, more than half a year ago). I went for an exaggerated spider veins like scar here while the actual shoot, I opted for something a little more natural.


Posted this on facebook and antagonised everyone hahaha.

But as with most of my Skip Beat cosplays, getting fellow teammates was difficult. There are a lot of SKIP BEAT fans but most of them are not interested in cosplaying it T_T

So I’m really thankful that Sakurazaki and Zephyus were passionate about the series enough to put in so much effort to cosplay this otherwise very bland and unattractive costume. We talked about this photoshoot for at least 6 months before we actually came down to it. And the hardest part about this photoshoot … was getting the right location.

The Hongo Family are rich but normal human beings henceforth, they do not wear fancy costumes nor wield any weaponry (except Mio LOL). So we felt compelled to make sure the location we shot in reflects their wealth. It was very hard to find a suitable location that was free in Singapore. In the end, we pooled in on this and rented a hotel room. Wasn’t cheap at all T_T


My costume , including the white cardigan was entirely self made. Really didn’t like how high I made the collar at the back of my dress…


This was probably one of my most tiring photoshoot. It was a very tiring for everyone because the location only allowed us to shoot after 11pm. It didn’t helped that all of us had a full day before us and Zeph and I also shot Dangerous Mission prior to this.


Sakurazaki went to attend Kyarmy’s concert just before the shoot hahahah xD


Here’s a shot of the Dark Moon script I made. Screen capped from the anime with some modification from myself using photoshop. The insides of the script can be seen in the above photos, they were tediously handwritten by Peggy! Special thanks to her!

This may seem abrupt but I shall end my entry here. I’m running a slight fever and cold now and I really should be sleeping but I don’t think I can forgive myself if I delayed this any further and let these photos come out after 2013. Hope you enjoyed the photographs, please remember to comment and share your opinions with me. I love reading all your comments =)


Hikari T said…
cant wait to see more photos from this shoot ^^
Ava Chan said…

I was looking for inspiration for my cosplay stuff and find this blog.
After I see this photos I only thought: “Wow!!!”
I love Skip Beat and think you did a very good job :3
Elpheal aka Kaika said…
Thanks a lot!!!
Ludmilla 71 said…

Je prépare le cosplay de Mio Hongo que j'adore également! Comment as-tu fais la cicatrice?


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