What I did in 2013

Hi guys, Thank you for sticking with The Cosplay Chronicles the last 4 years. Time flies by so fast and I myself can’t believe it’s already been so long!

I have been very held up by life this year to blog so I’m glad you guys are still sticking around! For the above video, I must admit that I hadn’t planned to talk THAT LONG! But it was a good talking day and I kept blabbing on LOL.

Below are some key points of my year in Cosplay and Blog.

1) Guilty Gear X, Millia Rage Photoshoot 



2) Skip Beat, Dangerous Mission Photoshoot



3) Skip Beat, Dark Moon Photoshoot



4) CoFesta Ambassador in Japan



5) I’m a finalist for OMY Blog Awards again!


I didn’t win the Vlog category but I’m happy to be included as a finalist ^^

6) What Mahou Shoujo (Magical Girls) did for me


7) Judged for the Cosplay Competition @ O’Hanami Festival



8) Judged for License2Play Cosplay Competition

It’s a very short list this year compared to what I did in 2012, but I acknowledge the efforts I put into everything I did in 2013 and I give myself a pat on the shoulder for shouldering it all (pun intended LOL).

Like I mentioned in my video, I’m hoping to morph TheCosplayChronicles into something more next year. So please share your opinion with me and tell me what you want to see!

A lot of bad things happened this year. Like how I missed my flight to Japan and had to repurchase tickets, how I nearly missed them again when I came back, how my iPhone was squashed by cars, how I was backstabbed and had words stuffed into my mouth and being labelled as a ‘bully’, how I had to pay extra money for the mistake of someone else , how I fell out with someone I regarded as friend for reasons I couldn’t agree with.

I had sadness, I had disappointments, I felt betrayed, I felt left out, I felt silly, I felt useless, I felt unappreciated, I felt ignored, I felt disrespected, I felt looked down upon,  i felt like I was swimming in the wrong pool all the time. But overall, I’m glad I managed to get over them and move on happily.

So in short, 2013 had been GOOD despite all the above. And I believe by sheer faith, that 2013 will be just as good if not better. If you are feeling sad about the ending of a year that proved to be unfruitful, fear not, chance to fight back starts now!

I hope everyone have a good year ahead. Leave whatever’s chaining you and move forward jovially =)


Lauren Bernal Jackson said…
Hi, there, Kaika! Been following your blog since your Haruhi skirt tutorial (still remember Yui on the front page,) and I would like to thank you for all that you contribute, such as helping a cosplayer wanting to break out of her awkward stage (me :D) as well as your providing con reports to help recover from post-con depression, inspiring me to go all out and to be creative with what I do. Hopefully I can redeem myself and do all that I can to improve where I would like to. I would also very much like to reiterate my appreciation for your work on TCC. Oh, and perhaps another cosplayer room entry? :) Good luck and a happy new year to you!
christopher CCDM said…
Happy New Year Kaika! :)
Elpheal aka Kaika said…
awww thanks >.<!
Elpheal aka Kaika said…
Happy New Year ^^!

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