Cosplayer Room Raid: Yuanie

It has been 3 years but I’m FINALLY here with a new episode of “Cosplayer Room Raid” ! Invading a Cosplayer’s private space is no easy task! Not just socially or mentally but also technically! I actually filmed another Cosplayer’s room prior to this but the video turned out so unworthy of showcase /_\

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Website: Yuanie

In this episode, I invade the room of a close friend who also happens to be an awesome Cosplayer! Yuanie is a veteran cosplayer and a former Singapore representative for World Cosplay Summit. With excellent crafting skills and talent, she is known for a multitude of cosplays and weaves seamlessly between genders.

Here are some showcase of her past cosplays. Remember to check her out at her website, !

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I really loved how much she shared in this video. Her experience in cosplay and her awesome studio was like a little treasure cove! And it was such a fun experience filming everything even though we were in such a rush! We actually filmed this on Christmas Eve last year and because we started filming too late, we were running late for our Christmas Party xD !

The video took me a while to edit but I hope you guys enjoy it! Remember to like, comment, subscribe and share!! And check Yuanie out at her website !


The Great Zambini said…
I've bought a few cosplay sets, but it cost a lot of money and I couldn't really find the characters and outfits I really liked. I'm inspired with all this great advice to make my own set! (Though my parents won't be inspired with the time involved)
Sese Ramirez said…
Aww Yuanie I love your workshop! Ahahaha wish I could have a workshop!
Elpheal aka Kaika said…
IKR so envious of her xD!
Elpheal aka Kaika said…
ganbatte ^^!!!

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