Makeup Tutorial: Big wide Eyed Anime girls

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shana eye

This is a makeup tutorial to create very big and round eyes suitable for cosplay. I usually use this makeup look for characters that are innocent and cute but alter this makeup slightly and you can use it for a big range of characters. Sometimes I just leave the makeup as it is and leave the ‘character portrayal’ to my expressions xD


shana screencaps

Shakugan no Shana Final: Flame blade by elpheal

I used this makeup for my Shakugan no Shana cosplay. Shana is a really powerful and cute tsundere!

Moriyama Shiemi by elpheal

I used this makeup for my Moriyama Shiemi (Aoi no exorcist) cosplay. SHiemi is a really lovable, cute , innocent and earnest person.

I also used this makeup for my Zakuro from Otome Yokai Zakuro cosplay. Zakuro’s a half human half fox spirit and she’s a tsundere xD


This makeup video took so much time and effort to film, edit and narrate. So I hope you guys found it useful and remember to subscribe, like and comment!!


Makeup used:

  1. E.l.f Studio Flawless Finish Foundation
  2. Canmake Concealer
  3. The Face Shop Face It Radiance Concealer Dual Veil
  4. Za 2 way foundation
  5. The Face Shop LOVELY ME:EX MAKE ME STAR gel liner (Peach Shower)
  6. E.l.f Studio 85-Piece Complete the Look Palette
  7. E.l.f. Essential Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil (brown)
  8. Ellefar Hanataka Powder (Pearl Pink)
  9. Silkygirl Lipcolor, Moisture Gloss, Baby Pink *DISCONTINUED*
  10. Dolly Wink black liquid Eyeliner
  11. Top Lashes (random brand)
  12. Dolly Wink lower eyelashes
  13. Cosmetic/Double eyelid Tape in flesh matte colour
  14. Fynal Soft Cosmetic Lens, Aqua Blue


shari alexa said…
cool pics and great tutorial!
will definitely be doing the up and lower lashes when if i cosplay anime :) makes a big difference!
so far, ive only cosplayed western and game characters. looking forward to doing anime too.
i love dress up and costumes too

followed you via GFC 684
would be so happy if you keep in touch :)
Unknown said…
Nice looking anime girls posted. Good anamitical work. Good pictures.

Anime Girl

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