Crossroads by Makoto Shinkai.

Probably one of the greatest reason why Otaku fans so wanna live in Japan.

The fact that everything and anything can be animated there is a testimony to the acceptance of the Art there (or it might just be that Fujoshis and Otakus have the spending power too LOL). Either way, this 120 seconds commercial was directed by the famous Anime director Makoto Shinkai; famous for his short animated movies such as “Byosoku no 5 centimetre” and “Hoshi no Koe”. And at the end of this elaborate short video, you discover that it’s actually a commercial for a tuition centre in Japan.

Given the massive pressure for a youth to get into university in Japan, I must say this is a commercial that strikes right in the heart of the demographic! People taking the exams and trying to get into university are likely teenagers who are already fans of Anime and Manga and they are likely in the age for romance! So nothing like combining everything they like into one invigorating film that encourages them to study harder and better with well…. Z-Kai Tuition Centre of course ^_~!

Speaking of commercials, our own countryman did something remarkable too! IKEA did a short commercial featuring the woes of a Cosplayer’s ever growing mess and like the video above, sells right to the need of the demographic! The commercial leaves you wanting to run straight to IKEA to get your game (or games LOL) together!

Featured cosplayer in the video is Frank, who represented Singapore for the World Cosplay Summit 2012.


Sachie said…
That commercial is super cool! Very creative! :D
Elpheal aka Kaika said…
yess very pretty artstyle *W* go check out his other works too
donna cai said…
This is soo cool! And it's such a great idea to do that! > <

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