Fushigi Yuugi Photoshoot : Suboshi & Amiboshi

Last month, I had the great honour of fulfilling one of my biggest dream shoot. To cosplay as Amiboshi from FushigiYuugi.
Suboshi: Yuanie
Amiboshi: Kaika
Photo: William Thijn

For a dream shoot , it's embarrassingly plain. So plain so plain so plain. But having called myself Kaika for more than a decade, I'd say it means a lot to finally cosplay the character XD Yes, the name 'Kaika' actually came from Fushigi Yuugi and was the adopted name for Amiboshi. Ironically, Amiboshi isn't my favourite character (it's too hard to just select ONE character out of them all!) but I liked him still and I loved the chinese translation of ‘Kaika’. 

Anyway back to the shoot. 

I was so happy Yuanie agreed to be my Suboshi! I was supposed to shoot with Reiko's Nuriko last year but I really couldn't find time to finish my costume and she wanted to shoot before Nuriko's birthday so it didn't pull through in the end. So honestly, if Yuanie hadn't agreed to be my Suboshi I'm sure I would have given up ;_; *clings onto Yuanie and bawls* LOL
Anyway, enough fore-story and onto the shoot!

It's a pretty simple shoot actually since both of our costumes are relatively simple. In fact , it was so simple Yuanie and I had a hard time brainstorming about what to shoot! LOL! 

Much thanks to WIlliam for his awesome photography help and his often disapproving looks LOL. 
There was a lot of laughter during this shoot and we cracked so much jokes xD Since Suboshi's weapon; the Ryuseisui is literally 2 spinning balls of destruction and Amiboshi blows a death tune on a flute, everything we said that day felt very wrong.

William: Yuanie, move your balls to your right side
Yuanie & Kaika : 8DDD

William: Kaika, put the flute to your mouth
Kaika: Ok, do you want me to blow?
WIlliam: ... that sounds soooooo wrong

Yuanie: *swings her Ryuseisui around"
William: Can you stop playing with your balls?

Hahahhaa, I love being goofy with my friends during photoshoots ^w^


And yes, I know I screwed up the way I hold the flute. I can’t believe I actually screwed it up and I feel so frustrated with myself. So, yes, thank you for telling me and yes I know it’s wrong *sigh*. What a way to portray your dream cosplay , way to go Kaika *throws self off the cliff*
Okay anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the photos! Comment if you are an FY fan and knows Amiboshi/Suboshi!!


Ho Yuan Yuan said…
Its a cosplay super worth to do ! I'm happy that you ask me too XDDD ! Very fun and interesting too ! YEAH ~!
Asuka Langley said…
I don´t think the pictures look plain at all, I think they´re beatifull :D

It wasn´t hard to look serious while doing all those jokes? Hahaha
Tsukino Ritsu said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tsukino Ritsu said…
I like the 5th photo!! You look so "bishie" in that one. Btw I like your eye make up here. It Simple and nice. I have to wear loaded of eyeliner cause of my eyeliner. Wish I could do this type of make up~

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