J-Obsession 2014 (Photo spam)

Went down to The Cathay yesterday to enjoy the J-Obsession. The turnout was very good this year and the area was literally flooded with people and cosplayers! Here’s some of the cosplayer photos I took ^_^

Time: 28th March - 30th March
Location: The Cathay
Overseas Cosplay Guest:
For the first time ever, J-Obsession will be bringing an overseas cosplay guest. Kirihara Naoya from Japan!
The only photos I have of Kirihara Naoya (guest cosplayer from Japan) is those of her at her signing session @_@; Sorry guys…. but she looked really good in real life =)

I hope you guys liked the photos! And mega thanks to all the cosplayers for posing for my camera ^_^!


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