Kyoukai no Kanata : Yakusoku no Kizuna Dance cover

Kuriyama Mirai : Kaika/ Elpheal
Nase Mitsuki : Chiiyo
Video Filming: Lynweh & Haruko
Assistance: Sara
Video editing: Kaika/ Elpheal
So I first watched an episode of Kyoukai no Kanata on TV while I was in Japan as a CoFesta Ambassador. I came back and became a full fledge fan of the series (read my fangirl ramble of the last episode here). Then I saw episode 6 and along with everyone else, died from laughter. Somehow, a friend managed to convince me to do the dance costume with her and … well eventually she couldn’t join us for this shoot, which is pretty disappointing but Chiiyo and I decided to go ahead with it anyway since we were halfway through making our costumes.

Then a few days before our shoot, we decided to YOLO and do the dance cover anyway! So we pushed the shoot one week later and within the week, we practised our dance and rushed our costumes. We stayed up till the wee hours almost everyday, talk about exhaustion!


We had a relatively unlucky day during the shoot. For the past few weeks, Singapore had been on a drought like never before. It was so dry the grass and bushes all turned yellow like it’s autumn haha. Everyone in Singapore was praying for rain to come and cool down our island!

And you know what? On the day of our shoot it finally rained … much to our dismay -_-;;;
The entire afternoon was filled with a lot of scrambling around. We were either chased by fellow park go-ers claiming their favourite spots or by the rain that came and went every 15 minutes. WHO SAID COSPLAY IS EASY?!?!!!!!! *Clench Fist*

The video was turned out both easier and harder than I thought. I managed to edit the sequence within 2 nights. The colour correcting however, took me another agonising 2 nights @_@; I experienced first hand, the difficulty of trying to synchronise footages from 2 different cameras with irregular lighting. It was so difficult T_T

Somehow, with all my intense brightening, the end result is this somewhat grainy video. I apologise in advance for my noobish video making skills and equipment. I’m just doing my best with whatever I have >.<; I also apologise in advance if I upset any mirai fans, she’s not usually the type of girls I cosplay but……………. I tried my best T___T

Super mega thanks to all the photographers, video helpers and assistants! You girls made this daunting task a fun afternoon! Some times I think the best part about cosplay is hanging out on a weekend afternoon, doing something constructive and worthwhile with a bunch of reliable, fun loving and liked-minded people ! Maybe I’m just a workaholic but I enjoy working hard for the things I find worthwhile haha!


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