Vlog: Why I hate talking Cosplay to non-Cosplayers

why i hate talking cosplay

I blogged about this same topic twice, entries were 2 years apart but even till now, this can be a frustrating topic to talk about whenever it comes up.

Read the other 2 blog entries by clicking the links below to better understand my opinions.

Blog entry 1: http://alturl.com/breot
Blog entry 2: http://alturl.com/oas2j

Hope you guys like the video!


Shimekops said…
Well I wouldn't say that this video wasn't entertaining because there were some points that just really hit home and were simply hilarious like "So why did you decide to cosplay a nun?" (taking the subject into context that is). I'm no cosplayer, I'm just the guy who takes the photos but am still pretty much a big part of the community since it's from the photographers that the photos where the judgements come from so we certainly have to do our part in trying to send a good message to the 'non-initiated'. But anyway, you touched on some pretty obvious and important issues here that don't just apply to cosplay but to other 'unusual' hobbies too (well, as far as the mainstream society is concerned). So yeah, I hope people will get a chance to see this vlog and get an epiphany with regards to how they treat cosplayers and other people in general who's interests are not as mainstream as most.
Yuu Shomura said…
yes, yes yes yes! yes to everything! i can relate to everything... the thing i hate most is how people associate my shortcomings with being a childish anime loving weirdo just because they know I cosplay... yes, i am a cosplayer but there is more to me than just someone who likes to dress up and i wish people would see that... for example, i had green hair for a short while, at first my boss was meh, she didnt say anything, she didn't care, but my coworkers found out that i cosplay then they began saying that i was being a distraction. apart from my green hair, i didnt do anything weird or related to cosplay in the work place. but my coworkers talked to my boss and they asked that i change to a more "conservative haircolor because work is work and not cosplay" :( /sigh so now, when I meet someone new, i am very hesitant to let them know I cosplay... its not that I am ashamed of my hobby, it is just, the stress that comes with it that I dont like...

which led me to making this entry http://jaroukaparade.blogspot.jp/2012/03/what-cosplay-is-for-non-cosplayers.html

now i that i read it again, i can somehow feel all the frustration back then coming back hahahah
Lyle Matsu-ki said…
THANK YOU FOR VOICING THIS OUT. Well, it really is AWKWARD to talk to non-cosplayers about cosplay stuff. Not cause it doesn't concern them, but also because you're afraid your conversation will lead to nowhere. Cause it just feels like A RANDOM QUESTION W/ AN ANSWER THEY CAN'T REALLY COMPREHEND ABOUT CAUSE IT DOESN'T CONCERN THEM or something o____o

Btw, This is the first time I've visited your blog and this is the first video I saw, will totally look forward to your other entries. ^^

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