MOTD: Cure video studio & Shingeki craze in Japan

Randomly found this on facebook and thought it was pretty cool. Introducing Cure Studio; a real-time studio that puts you in a viral world instantly!


From what I gather, it’s a green screen studio with live broadcasting abilities that can either morph the background or screen 3d footage onto the background in real time. This cure studio launches this 30th April in Ikebukuro


Fullscreen capture 1942014 21925 AM.bmp



When I was in Japan last week, everywhere you go, you see traces of Shingeki. I had thought that being the mecca of Anime and with the Anime ended so many months back, the SnK hype would have died down in Japan. But nooo, everywhere I go I see traces of it.


BOOK EXPRESS is a Books and Magazine selling chain store in Japan. On the white horizontal banner , it is saying that the newest chapter of Shingeki no Kyojin is out.



I randomly saw this Mikasa Ackerman handkerchief selling at the DFS section within Haneda Airport. Most part of the shop was selling the usual Omiyages (souvenirs) such as Shiro Koibito (it’s a kind of cream cookies), special flavoured Kitkats and other Japanese dessert but this thing was just there at the side of a shelf.

On TV, I saw a variety programme doing a spotlight programme about the series, they even featured cosplayers from another country. I filmed a video of the TV segment, maybe I'll upload it to my travel/personal YouTube channel. Please subscribe to me there to see all my travel vlogs and stuffs ^^


Anyway, apparently they had a Shingeki no Kyojin live screening event at LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza. Judging front eh crowd that had gathered, you know the series was a hit.


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