Post April’s Fool Massive giveaway!

Yes ! Massive giveaway to make up for the April’s Fool Joke.


Neon Genesis Evangelion X Portraits figurine with stand. The figurine in this case features Ayanami Rei in her plugsuit with 2 interchangeable arms.


Cosplay Photo book with Video DVD. Featuring Yuri Inaba as Hatsune Miku. Kindly given by her to you guys!!! <3


Uta Pri cosplay photobook. Cosplays by Aly Ciel Roses and Min Twinklee. I bought this during SMASH2012 for you guys and ….don’t ask me why I’m only giving it away now /_\


SHeryl Nome Cosplay Photo Book & Video DVD. Cosplay by AKIRA from Japan ! She’s very genki and cute and she’s a WCS representative for 2007/2010!


Diabolik Lovers (Chibi form) paper coasters. I got them from ANIMATE when we were invited to their Ikebukuro premise last october as a CoFesta Ambassador. I will try to blog about my animate trip soon!!


STEP 1) To win the merchandise, do either of the below …

* Every single Like/follow/subscribe is counted as one individual entry!

STEP 2) Then come back here to post a comment with either a direct link to show that you are following me, or tell your username so I can search for you. Alternatively, you can submit a screen cap.

* Please make sure to leave one comment for each entry otherwise I will count it as just one entry =)

Giveaway ends on 9th of April and will be announced here. I have decided it’s only fair for the winner to take the effort to check back at the blog instead of having myself chase after them for their address.

If the winner doesn’t reply within the given deadline, the merchandise will be given to a next winner! I will bear SGD5 of the shipping and if there is anymore, the winner will have to pay for it him/herself. This giveaway is open to anyone worldwide \^_^/


Hope to win something *A* I followed you on Facebook ( Hitsugaya Toushiro = )
Anonymous said…
Following you on Twitter :3

sadly I don´t have a google acc :(
kaluranda said…
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M.ichi said…
Following on twitter (username is michi_ichi)....also on Facebook as Michi First
kaluranda said…
Following on twitter:

Like on FB:
Suzanne van Heiningen

Subscribed on youtube:
Both username Kaluranda as with google+ Suzanne v. Heiningen

Google, following blog
Suzanne van Heiningen
Usagi Chan said…
I'm a tad weary of sharing my facebook account considering it has my real name, but I do follow you there.

On Youtube I follow you under the user usagi888888.

And I believe I'm following you using my google+
Lily Chang said…
I fallow you on Facebook & Youtube & TCC!
My Name on
Youtube: mayoshirika.
Facebook: Palily Chang
Always Love Seeing Your New Updates!
Jennifer Ye said…
liked on facebook:

followed on twitter: @JenniferYe3

subscribed on youtube: username - Jennifer Ye
Jess said…
This was probably a pretty good prank xD

Liked on facebook:
Youtube: Jess Lee
GAHHHHH you made me so sad! In my time zone it isn't even Apirl 1st yet when i read the article!

i'm following you on youtube as Darkchurchhill and on fb as
CLaudy said…
yay! *7* haha

liked on facebook:
subscribed on youtube: cassey lausy
Ally said…
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Ally said…
Following in Google Friend Connect as Ally :3
Laurie L. said…
My twitter handle is @crowninglory10
sydney banks said…
hey! i just liked you on facebook!
sydney banks said…
i have already been following you on youtube but uh yea :)

youtube name:whirledrocks1
or sydney banks
Anonymous said…
Following you on Facebook
Nathalie Hernández

And on Youtube!!
Anonymous said…
youtube: Rubina Mikoto/pranker8

liked facebook: Nur Mufiidah
Jack said…
Youtube: VocalPuppet
Facebook: Jack Chau
And following as Jack

I'm so glad that it was an April Fool's Day joke!
Rui said…
Hahahah you got us !!!! I was so sadddd

Followed you on all social media I think XD.

My username
FB: Ruiki Toji
Twitter: Ruikikun
Youtube: Ruiki Toji
XcutegirlX said…
Youtube Channel: Alice08Tail
XcutegirlX said…
Facebook: Mikaela David
XcutegirlX said…
codebamboo said…
YouTube & Blog @ codebamboo
Facebook @ Amanda Li or /codebamboo
Thank you so much for having this giveaway!
And your April Fools joke was so well executed, I fully believed you for a whole day ;7;
SakuraBreeze said…
Liked on facebook as Raewyn Rei Sharp (
SakuraBreeze said…
Following on twitter @TheSakuraBreeze (
SakuraBreeze said…
Subscribed to Youtube channel as TheSakuraBreeze (
SakuraBreeze said…
Subscribed to blog with SakuraBreeze
Savera Naidu said…
~followed yr twitter!! :D name riverstardust
Joyuko said…
Followed you!
Facebook: harring.jen
YouTube: Jennifer Harrington
Google: *same as above*
Twitter: LIBRAcos

I hope I win!
Grace Kelly said…
yeiii, i was so fool! ;w;
Grace Kelly said…
also on youtube
Grace Kelly said…
and on twitter <3
Morinomusume said…
Following you on twitter @soumeyaElf
Subscribed to You on Youtube. morinomusume SOTF
and liked your FB page :) Soumeya Baka
What an Awesome giveaway!
Thank you (forgiven for the April fool joke ! !)
Morinomusume said…
Second entry.
fb Soumeya Baka
Morinomusume said…
And third entry with twitter @SoumeyaElf ♡
Anonymous said…
Followed you on Facebook as:
Kurisu ShotaSenpai
fb - gfc - marghe give
twitter @marghegive
you tube margherita sciortino
Olivia OyipOlip said…
Already XD
Facebook : Non Active

Twitter : @oliviapassya

youtube : Olivia OyipOlip
erma riestiana said…
my FB : Erma Riestiana Bona Kartika
Twitter : @vomoca
youtube : ema riestiana
GFC : erma riestiana
Hannah said…
Hannah said…
Hannah said…
Youtube: dragon8045321
Hannah said…
Google following blog as hannahhatton
MijikaX3 said…
I liked your page on FB: Mijika Chan
MijikaX3 said…
Followed you on twitter! @cairrie
MijikaX3 said…
Subscribed to YT: @Mijikax3
yuel_aran said…
Subscribed at Youtube under name aran212
yuel_aran said…
And following you on FB under name : Jiwon Erika Jang.
mobychan said…
Hey there^^
I follow you on Facebook as Sabrina Schewe^^
mobychan said…
I also follow your blog using google friend connect as mobychan/Sabrina Schewe
mobychan said…
I also subscribed to your Youtube channel, I love your videos^^
Again, mobychan/Sabrina Schewe there^^
mobychan said…
And I also follow TCC on twitter as @mobychan^^

And, I am really happy it was just an april fools joke that you quit, since it would have left a great hole!

Thanks for this wonderful giveaway^^
Rief said…
I follow you on Facebook.
Name: Sebastian Schewe
Rief said…
And on Youtube, too!

Again, Sebastian Schewe
Rief said…
Not to forget Twitter: @RiefRyuuda
Ashley Chen said…
LIKE TheCosplayChronicle’s Facebook page:
Ashley Chen said…
GFC: Ashley Chen or maybe it will show up as FireStarBooks >3<
Ashley Chen said…
Youtube channel:
Ashley Chen said…
Twitter: @FireStarBooks

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