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So TCC was informed of this Charity fundraising event created by Geeks for Geeks =) Based in the United States, Geeks Giving Gifts is a Fundraising effort to make a positive impact on the less fortunate; all while creating something beautiful at the same time.





Geeks Giving Gifts is a fundraising effort comprised of video game professionals, cosplayers, and fans coming together Voltron-style to affect positive change in the world. We are geeks first and foremost, and believe that if we harness even a fraction of the power we put into getting the best speedrun times and collecting every last trinket in all our RPGs, we can make a real difference to those in need.”


The project on focus this time comes in a form of a 12 months Calendar (July 2014 - July 2015). I honestly cannot come up with a better description of the calendar so just see the quote from their website below.




The 11″x17″ calendar is twelve months (July 2014 – June 2015) of the finest geek celebrities and cosplayers doing science while defying the laws of physics. Shot by Greg De Stefano and produced by Strangely Compelling Multimedia, it features genuine geek girls such as LeeAnna Vamp, Chloe Dykstra, Alicia Marie, Cristina Vee, and more like you’ve never seen them before – in zero gravity!

Our inspiration comes from the puzzle-platformer video game, Constant C (Xbox Live Arcade and Steam) from publisher 5pb/Mages. Constant C’s gameplay revolves around physics-based platforming and puzzle solving by manipulating time and gravity. Someone had to invent a way to control time/gravity, and copious amounts of research have concluded that the scientists looked like our calendar girls.

5pb/Mages’ most well-known title is Steins;Gate, a visual novel game turned manga turned anime about time travel, so protagonist Makise Kurisu makes a special appearance in the calendar. ”



The portfolio of the models in this calendar will make you wow too xD






While the calendar itself is not exactly Cosplay, I do find the entire ‘zero-gravity’ concept fascinating. It also gives an interesting twist to the otherwise pretty common Pinup theme




To support their cause and compliment their amazing job, pop over to their website to pre-order one of these calendars now. They sell for just USD $19:90!



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Sarah T. Crabb said…
Economists have elaborated the economics of gift-giving into the notion of a gift economy. By extension the term gift can refer to anything that makes the other happier or less sad, especially as a favour, including forgiveness and kindness. Gifts are also first and foremost presented on occasions - birthdays and Christmas being the main examples.

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