Thank You & Farewell! Stopping TCC & Cosplay =(

I started Cosplay and TheCosplayChronicles knowing one day, I will be leaving it. But despite knowing that, I did all I could to bring life to it, work hard for it and love it. Even though i started this journey knowing it will eventually end, I still found it difficult to believe I am actually typing these out now. Ah, such is the queerness and delicateness of the human emotions.

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even my last video must have such an ugly still -_-#

I’m sorry if I’m talking incoherently. I’m really very sleepy and physically tired.

Like I mentioned in my video, this never-ending cycle of To-Do-Lists and late night sleep is really tearing me apart. Once in a while is fine but continuously for 5 years??

Unlike those high profile Youtubers and Bloggers, Youtube and Blogging is NOT my full time job. What that meant is on top of my job, I am producing videos from start to end, blogging , covering events, holding interviews, making costumes, cosplaying and all those other jibber jabbers. However, having a full time job, making videos and writing blogs does not give me any excuses to slack off on other areas in my life. People around me still expect me to fulfil my responsibilities.

I constantly found it difficult to explain to people around me why I’m late, why I’m tired and why I don’t have enough time. Even people in this community found it difficult to understand and empathise with my pain and fatigue. People wonder what’s so difficult about going to an event, take some photos and then write about it. Why is it difficult? It’s difficult because I have to prepare my equipment and myself for the event, go down physically, spend a few hours there (which usually tends to be the useful part of the day ) trying to get as many good shots as I can then spend a few more hours editing the photos, watermarking them and then uploading them. The effort might not be huge but everything adds up and …hey, I only have 24 hours too!

So while I know I’m going to miss TheCosplayChronicles and I feel sorry for abandoning it after putting so much effort to build it up, I’m also relieved to get my life back. In line with my decision, I will be deleting this blog and the youtube channel away. So if you find any blog entry/tutorials/videos useful, save it onto your HDD now!

Also, like I mentioned in the video, I will be quitting cosplay too due to family issues. I will slowly proceed to delete away all my cosplay photos online and if you receive a request from me, please bear with my request ;_;. While it hurts a lot to part with Cosplay, I have decided that it is just a hobby and I should put my family first.

I will still continue to read manga, watch anime and support Japanese pop-culture though =) So the next time you see me at an event, remember to say hi! And even though I’m quitting cosplay, I hope all the friends I made through this hobby will stay with me =\ I won’t cosplay anymore but I can still be your saikang warrior!



Jacqueline said…
I understand how you feel, since my parents don't really support the fact that I show my face around as well. It has been great to have you in the SG cosplay community. I'm just curious though, if any other cosplayer wants to takeover TCC (more like having another admin and the new admin does all the postings), would you be open to it? I've admired your work for a long time, and even though I've never got to know you while you were still cosplaying, I hope to meet you in future events. All the best in your future endeavours!
Darkon Lore said…
I've seen my share of farewells in this community, but to delete this blog and videos makes it extra saddening.

Each page traces your footsteps on this journey. Each word a memory. No matter how bad it was, it made you what you are today.

Having it to be deleted, losing the chance to look back at it later is just so sad.
Usagi Chan said…
Even though there are a lot of storms that life brings, there will be something nicer awaiting. Thank you for sharing experiences and tips. ~ Take care Kaika. . I will miss your videos and reading about your daily dose of cosplay. Heh. .
Rebecca Lee said…
Thanks for a the tips in the last few years. I'm a little sad that your deleting everything because I love to reread your blog, but your health and family relationships should always come first. I wish you a happy future full of fun activities, hobbies, and such.
donna cai said…
Please tell me it's an April Fool's Joke.... Because I'm extremely saddened by your departure. :CCC I will miss you so much! T A T
Sky Walker said…
Thank you for all the years.
I've been following you since I've started cosplaying and honestly, I learned so much from you and your blogs.
I hope I get to meet you in real life at events, but I'll really really miss your cosplays.
Alkhe said…
Otsu! Thank you for putting so much love, dedication and hard work into this amazing blog for so long. I've been following TCC since it first started out and it has been a regular site I head to for cosplay stuff.

I'd like to think this is an April fools joke but from watching your video ><

I can only plead now to please don't remove your videos and articles! They're all your hard efforts and deserve to be archived... Honestly I still go back to read old entries now and then!

Even so, I wish you all the best for your health and future endeavors. Thank you so much kaika!
Morinomusume said…
I cant believe this is an april fool joke its so sad kaika sensei HAHAHA please never delete it. XD
thanx god i didnt have any wifi the first.

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