Asia Cosplay Meet 2014: Cosplay Photo pimps!

Went down to the ACM event today held at the DBS Marina Regatta and took a tonne of photos with my new DSLR. It was a fun experience event though I only have basic kit lens hehee.




Event: Asia Cosplay Meet Championship at DBS Marina Regatta 2014
Date: 17 and 18 May 2014
Venue: The Promontory at Marina Bay
Time: 12.00pm - 8.00pm
Admission: Free

Cosfest Asia and Singapore Cosplay Club(SCC) announces the official programme of the DBS Marina Regatta 2014, Asia Cosplay Meet Championship. Presented by DBS Bank, it is the biggest and most glorious Cosplay Competition in Asia, with 9 countries: Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and China! Special Guest: Kaname

Taking photos in events always tests my patience and I always end up feeling like my photos could have been better. But still, I hope you guys like the photos! Mega thanks to all the cosplayers who so graciously posed for me ^^ .

I’m still always so surprised at the amount of people who actually bothered to say hi to me despite not being in any cosplay costumes! You guys don’t know how much that means to me! Thank you! However, one of the most common thing I hear from people recently goes something like this.


I’m sorry if that comes across as being rude but but but………. I really don’t know if I am who they are referring to (/u_u\) “That girl from Youtube” is like… there are a million girls on Youtube -_-;; LOL. Either way, I’m sorry for sometimes not giving the response some of you would like LOL! 



Saint Seiya! Cosplayer is Rangga from Indonesia!



Special Guest for the event was Kaname from Japan.



Managed to get some shots of him when he was having his photography session.  The queue being is waiting for him.





Surprised by the amount of guys who queued up to take pictures with him!



Really like the overall texture of his costume. Looks simple but effective on camera and in real life. Like he came out from the TV or something. Does anyone know what he was cosplaying as?



Team Singapore in the Asia Cosplay Meet Competition! They did a great job! Anyone know what they were cosplaying as?



Team Indonesia dished out a really exciting skit with plenty of high tension fists and kicks! I wished I had filmed a video of the performance but after filming Team Singapore, my arms were pretty much giving way haha.



Yes, the bald cosplayer really carried the other one (someone enlighten me on the character namessss !!!) repeatedly for a few times! Every time he did, the crowd goes crazy. Check out the guy behind the AV table cheering with his hands up high ahahhaa.



Stage photography was such a challenge for me! The crowd and heat made finding a good angle near impossible if you came late. On top of that, you have no idea what scene’s coming up next and it’s a challenge to focus and frame in time. One thing I did learn from this high tension performance was to shoot it with a fixed focus point. I tuned my camera to Manual Focus, f/5. While not every action is crystal clear, most of the shots did came out with decently sharp subjects :D



Cosplayer is Miloto from Thailand! He told me he was cosplaying as Riven from LOL but Google told me Riven is a girl…. can someone enlighten me @_@? Okay, I found out he actually meant “Draven”. LOL. This dude is so funny and game for the camera!


The rest of the photos below! Click to view more ^^! Please share this blog so the cosplayers can find their photos here!




Anonymous said…
How do you get to know of the cosplay/anime related events I Singapore?
Hi, you can follow TCC on facebook tob e updated of future such events happening in Singapore ^^
This comment has been removed by the author.
Miho Orion said…
Team Singapore was cosplaying as characters from digimon frontier, The fairy one is kazemon while the black lion is loweemon. The last lady is calamaramon.

Team Indonesia is from Metal Gear Rising; Revengeance. The white hair guy is Raiden, the bald guy is Sundown while the red mask guy is Monsoon. ^w^
Anonymous said…
Correction, bald guy is called Sundowner
Riyo said…
Hi ,

No photo for PH team T____T the characters of team indonasia is from the game Metal Gear Rising , Thats Raiden , Monsoon and i forgot the bald ones name... Singapore team performance is from the series Digimon...

Riyo ~
Riyo said…
if you happen to have pics of PH team please tag me thank you~

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