Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary) 境界の彼方 Cosplay Video & Photo

I went to Japan last month because I really really wanted to see Sakuras. And then I figured that it would be awesome to have a cosplay photo shoot along with the iconic cherry blossoms that appears in so many many animes. And so it was arranged!

Photo 6 edited2

栗山 未来 Kuriyama Mirai: The Cosplay Chronicles
神原 秋人 Kanbara Akihito: Lunaru Vizatrix (ウメル)
名瀬 美月 Nase Mitsuki: Niki

Photo & Video: Migz ( )

Super mega thanks to Lunaru and Nikki for joining me on this last minute photoshoot and being such wonderful company and great Cosplayers ^^! I really couldn’t have asked for more and it was probably my happiest day of the trip!


Even bigger thanks to Migz for helping us take pictures and put this silly(but feeeeeelsssssss T_T)  impromptu video together!




I wasn’t joking when I said this was done impromptu-ly. We started our shoot from around 11am and ended near evening xD The sun sets a lot earlier in Japan and by 4pm, the magic had begun. Yes it was the magical hour that made everything beautiful even more fantastic!


We found a quaint little spot in the park, which might I add, had a huge Ferris wheel and is said to be the location reference for an episode in Honey & Clover xD. Anyway I digressed!



The quaint little corner had a lot of small star-like flowers growing on the grass. They looked like stars on the grass! It was so beautiful! So being the video junkie I was, I started filming my feet walking on the star-filled grass.


Fullscreen capture 852014 125630 AM.bmp

You cannot see my face at all, the entire clip was just my feet walking.


Somehow I then managed to interest Lunaru enough to do one too (Nikki had to leave early) and then…one scene led to another xD



Kyaaaaaaaaa >w< So much FEELSSSS >/////////<! Aki X Mirai <3!


ANd look! REAL DAISIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



*SOBS* The two of you are finally together (T///////////////////T )b . We got so shamelessly high doing these ‘feet shots’ xD


And after our countless fangirl squeals, Migz came in to help us film the rest of the videos! Migz also edited the video for us T^Tb Thanks Migz!


Okay, now for the rest of the proper photoshoot photos!


Photo 50 edit3


Photo 70 edit 2

The best sakuras in the entire park were by the carpark =|


Photo 62 edited2

Mitsuki and Mirai! Check out the sakuras on top! The entire stretch was filled with Sakuras though it’s hard to tell from this picture=(


Photo 20 edit

Daffodils! I’ve never seen such a big one before!! They were literally 1.2 inch in diameter each!

We shot a lot more photos so hopefully we can share those soon! Gotta go bath & sleep now!


Rachel said…
Aww this is adorable! I wish it was longer :D Stunning cosplay
Kaelee H. said…
This was posted on my birthday! And great job, I really love your cosplays. For me, you're a *glitter effect* inspiration! :D

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