Setsuka Heels (Silver, gold & black smoky eye) Make Up Tutorial

I don’t do intensely black eye makeup like these very often even though I think smoky eyes are gorgeous! So I was really glad when Setsuka Heels gave me a chance to do this sort of makeup. I’m also surprised that quite a few of you would comment and ask me how I did this makeup, so here is the tutorial!

  Fullscreen capture 1352014 123051 AM.bmp


This is an intense smoky eye with silver and gold shimmer. I think the brown eye shadow on the socket line and the gold undertone in the shimmer pigment makes for a pretty warm toned smoky eye.



Like I mentioned in the video, I think Setsuka’s a very interesting character. In the manga she just looks like she have normal makeup on but most cosplayer (including myself) interprets her makeup look to be a heavy smoky eye. I wanted to go for a slightly more sophisticated punk eye makeup to portray Setsuka’s complicated personality so I included a lot of silver and shimmers. Also, I would like to highlight to everyone with small eyes to avoid using too much black eyeliner and dark eye shadow because they tend to make small eyes look smaller!


Fullscreen capture 1352014 123330 AM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 1352014 123452 AM.bmp

I hope you guys enjoyed the video. Remember to comment and tell me what you think or what videos/blog entry you would like to see next.


To see more photos of my Setsuka Heels cosplay along with Cain Heels, click here!


Makeup used:

  1. Maxi Eyes SpectroFlex Contact Lens (Lilac Purple)
  2. E.l.f Studio Flawless Finish Foundation
  3. Canmake Color Stick Concealer 01
  4. The Face Shop Face It Radiance Concealer Dual Veil
  5. Za Perfect Fit 2 way foundation
  6. Mosaic White eyeliner
  7. E.l.f Studio 85-Piece Complete the Look Palette
  8. Shiny Eye Shadow from DAISO
  9. Pure Luxe Cosmetics – English Ivy (loose eye shadow)
  10. SHEENe Luxury Auto Pen Eyeliner (Super black)
  11. Top Lashes (random brand)
  12. Bottom lashes (random brand)
  13. Dolly Wink Eyelash Fix Adhesive Glue
  14. Ellefar Princess pink blush from DAISO


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