Event: Anime Matsuri (Singapore)


Event Name: Anime Matsuri
Location: Funan Digital Life Mall (
109 North Bridge Road, Singapore)
Date: 9th - 15th June 2014

Site: http://www.funananimematsuri.com/

Celebrity Cosplayers from abroad :


Artist Showcase:

 Official website

“ The two were classmates since middle school, and first formed a band then. After graduation, they went their separate ways in their musical endeavours.  After some time, they reformed the band.

Individually, from 2012, Ito began uploading covers of songs into Nico Nico Douga, while Lefty Monster P uploaded original compositions using the Vocaloid software onto the same site.

With Nico Nico Douga as the main uploading site, they received 100 thousand hits within 2 months. Within a year, they logged 1 million hits. Despite being active for barely a year, they became very popular individually at a very fast pace.

They are not just known for being the "new music group from Nico Nico Douga", but also for being the hosts on the official Nico Nico Douga channel  "Friday Nico Radio" and other events.

On their live tour between March and April in 2013, more than 12000 people attended their shows in 31 locations. In November of the same year, they performed at Anime Festival Asia 2013 in Singapore. Furthermore they went on a live world tour to Thailand, Singapore, France and The Netherlands, actively promoting their music through live performance both in and outside Japan”


For the full list of programmes, pop over to the official website.


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