Kyoukai no Kanata (Dance costume) Photoshoot

I don't know what to say. I still feel a little shocked that I decided to cosplay Mirai and actually pulled through with it!



Kuriyama Mirai : Kaika/ Elpheal
Nase Mitsuki : Chiiyo
Video Filming: Lynweh & Haruko
Assistance: Sara

Video editing: Kaika/ Elpheal

The idea to cosplay this whole thing actually came from another teammate. We were supposed to have a team but Akkey and Hiromi couldn't make it in time so Chiiyo and I decided to go ahead with it anyway since we were already halfway into making the costume. It's always very disappointing to postpone a shoot because then you eventually loses the passion to push through.


P1180347 edit

So super thanks to Chiiyo for sticking to her promise and pulling through this with me! Couldn't have done it without her!! And the costume was sooo much trouble to do!!!! It's another one of those deceptively easy looking costume that is difficult to look good.


I will write another entry to explain the making of the costume.

P1180388 edit


It was a difficult but fun shoot. Difficult because we had to fit a Dance shoot into the afternoon and to make it worse, it kept raining! We had to run for cover every 20 minutes then lug our belongings and equipment out when the skies clears up. Not to mention shooting in a  public space meant we had to share space which we kept getting ‘shooed’ =(.


But I guess in all situations, it’s important to give thanks as after all, it could have been a continuous thunderstorm instead of flash showers that come and go every 20 minutes and we could have been totally barred from filming.


Oh some trivial about the dance! We choreographed  and practised for the dance only one week before the photoshoot because it was a last minute decision and we slept after midnight pretty much everyday before the shoot. SO just like in the anime, we did everything within One Week. LOL!


I talked a bit more about the video shoot & production in an older entry


P1180354 edit

For me, it was VERY DIFFICULT to cosplay Mirai! She is supposed to be an endlessly moe character who looks absolutely adorable in glasses. Let me tell you, I am anything but cute so trying to portray Mirai was a big slash to my confidence. It also didn’t helped that everyone except Chiiyo came to the photoshoot thinking I was gonna cosplay Mitsuki and they all openly expressed their flabbergast /0\.


Like I mentioned somewhere else on the blog before, I’m trying to open up my genre. I look upon Cosplay as a portrayal challenge more than a craftsmanship challenge these days. So while everyyyyyone thinks I would fit bossy Mitsuki better, I decide I’ve cosplayed far too many tsunderes already and choose Mirai instead. Of course, Mirai being so powerful and badass with her blood sword was very difficult to not like >/////<


Due to my natural facial features, I look pretty angry in most of the photos. My face just cannot do moe expressions to save it’s life! Also need to improve my makeup skills to assist in conjuring the illusion of moe-ness in the future -__-|||. But before that, here’s Photoshop to the rescue!


Again, apologies to all Mirai fans if I thrashed her!


P1180382 edit 


P1180369 edit

Whining on the internet….


 P1180373 edit

Getting hated on the internet…




Practising their song and here’s Mitsuki feeling veryyyy helpless over Mirai’s singing skills (or lack of it).




Mitsuki: HOM MAH GAWD O_O|||||




Mirai is also not a very coordinated dancer…




Mirai is also not a very coordinated dancer evidence 2.




Mitsuki likes to steal Mirai’s food …


P1180429 edit



Mirai: *types into twitter* Yes I am a bad singer but who exactly judges what constitutes a good singer? Why are there so many ranking competitions out there?! It’s not fair! *cries bucket*

Mitsuki: SRSLY-_-#?!


P1180420editP1180418 edit


Mitsuki & Mirai, Nendroid version!






Mirai: Why doesn’t Senpai notice me??? *pouts*



Mitsuki looking mighty adorable with her green tea xD

When I do outdoor shoots, I always try to do a bit of welfare for my fellow teammates by lugging snacks and a few packets of Green Tea that I’ve chucked into the freezer the night before. I ALWAYS get laughed at by them because when i first introduced them (frozen green teas) at the beginning of the shoot, they will be so frozen you can kill someone with them. But come the blazing afternoon sun and EVERYONE will start clamouring for them hehee. I don’t think I’ve ever returned home from an outdoor shoot with those beverages untouched before .



Trying very hard to do what the cute girls do. Make a heart shape with my hands -__-;



Some random BTS Haruko shot. I posted it because I look so darn geeky and awkward and funny hahaa.




Okay. Let’s end the narcissi here. Hope you guys enjoyed the photos! Here’s a photo of the lovely lovely ladies who made the afternoon so much fun!


Julia said…
Aww, Kaika, you look plenty cute! You can actually pull off the moe look pretty well!

Also, nice dancing! I like the different angles. And the ending LOL
omi said…
you girls look adorable!!! <3 super moe! no wonder youkai/monster thing is attracted! lol
Unknown said…
Whaaaaat but I think Kaika is super cute! And Moe! How come you think you cannot do cute charas? I think your Mirai is much better than my Mitsuki!
Mike Arnold said…
I really like this post, which is interesting. All the girls are cute. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

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