Jun 17, 2014

Zettai Kareshi, Absolute Boyfriend (Live Action Theatre)

I accidentally stumbled upon this trailer of Watase Yuu’s Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend) in Live Stage form!



“ Absolute Boyfriend (絶対彼氏。 Zettai Kareshi?) is a six volume manga series by Yuu Watase, first serialized in Shōjo Comic. The manga series was adapted into an 11-episode live-action drama series that aired in Japan in 2008. A 13-episode Taiwanese adaptation aired in 2012 under the title Absolute Darling (絕對達令 Jue Dui Darling), and plans are underway for a South Korean adaptation.[1]

Riiko Izawa has never had a boyfriend and she has been rejected by every boy she has ever had a crush on. When she returns a lost cell phone to an oddly dressed salesman, she mentions wanting a boyfriend. To thank her, he directs her to his company's website, Kronos Heaven. When she visits the site, Riiko finds it's a site to create your perfect lover. Thinking it's a game, she customizes and accidentally orders one. The next day, her new lover arrives. Following the instruction manual, she kisses him to wake him up and configures him to be in love with only her. She names him "Night." Three days later, she is shocked to learn that she only had him for a free trial for 72 hours. The salesman, Gaku Namikiri, tells her that she must now pay ¥100,000,000 for Night, however, they will waive the fee if she helps them to collect data about how women think and feel to help perfect future models. “




Official Website:

Uploaded by eizofly


The stage show last for 2 hours and 30 minutes with a 15minutes interval at the Theatre 1010 (Tokyo Kita-Senju). Ticket price goes for 6800 Yen for early birds and 7000 Yen for entrance purchase. Obviously at my time of blogging, the show is long over



The cast list.



I admit, other than Ex-Morning Musume Member;  Risa Niigaki , I don’t know any of the other actors/actress. But it is still heartening to see a Manga /Anime series get a Live Action adaptation.





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