ALO: Kirito & Lyfa Photoshoot

We actually shot this last month in early April, before I went to Japan. We actually planned this shoot for a very long time but only got around to it this year. My costume is entirely bought from Taobao and I absolutely loved it!


Kirito: Yuanie
Lyfa: Kaika
Photo: William.T
Assistance: Gin




It was however, a little too big for me and required pretty massive alterations on my end, ah … such is the fate of store bought costumes I guess? I did however, made my sword myself and that took a long time!

Super excited to work with Yuanie again and this time, we’re siblings yet again! (we were siblings in our Suboshi X Amiboshi shoot too xD). Much thanks to William for taking the time to photograph us!




Lyfa’s a relatively different character for me. And I must admit, it’s one of the few slightly more ‘elaborate’ cosplays I ever do. I don’t usually find myself attracted to elaborate costumes I don’t know why… but that’s all good though because I’m too lazy to make elaborate costumes anyway -_- Which is why I decided to buy this costume instead. It’s so well made! Other than the fit, everything else is better than what I could ever do in my limited time & concentration -_-;


I’m not bashing my costuming skills nor am I criticising anyone who makes/ don’t make their own costume. What I’m saying is that as someone who juggles life, cosplay, blogging and vlogging, I’m honestly finding myself with lesser and lesser time to dedicate to costume making. I still enjoy crafting and creating, but I’ve decided to move on more to prop making instead of dressmaking. I’ve also decided to focus more on partaking and enjoying the experience instead of getting myself into a frenzy every single time. I hope Cosplay elitists won’t start bashing me for not making my own costumes myself haha.


Even if they do, you know what? I don’t care 8D




Not many people seem to like Lyfa. I must admit, I don’t support Lyfa becoming a couple with Kirito either but I feel so much for her! I felt her heart break when she found out that the mysterious game partner she recently met and fell in love with was the very same guy she had resolved to stop holding her unwelcomed love.


I mean hey, she proved to be a very useful ally in the entire season 2! What’s more her costume is the nicest! She totally fit the bill of an Elf, complete with blonde hair and green costumes xD




It’s a relatively comfortable shoot except for the fact that my ponytail was so heavy it kept dragging the entire wig backwards. I honestly couldn’t hands-off it for more than 2 seconds before it starts slipping !! It was very very very annoying!


Can someone please share with me how you solve a problem like this?




We worked so hard to get this picture -_-; The place we shot in was very cramped and there were people passing by every other minute. We had to do what we wanted to do within those pockets of time where nobody was in frame.


In order to stimulate the levitating effect, we tried all sorts of actions. Jumping forward, jumping side ways, jumping backwards, running forward, twirling on the spot and … too many random actions for me to remember -_-. This action is definitely not the best but it was the best we could do haha.






Oh btw, the sword is done using this cardboard method with a slight twist to get it to curve XD



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omi said…
hello kaika! :) to firmly secure the wig, try this.

1) separate your hair into 2 halves, top and bottom.
2) put the top half into a milkmaid braid across the crown of your head, close to your hairline. if your hair is too layered, can simply French braid around your hairline instead.
3) put the bottom half into a another braid and pin it into a flat-ish bun, approximately where you want your wig ponytail to sit.
4) when you put on the wig, use a couple of bobby pins to pin the wig into the braid you created around your hairline. the braids create a stronger base for the pins to grip and so the wig stays on better.
5) vertically bobby pin the wig ponytail into the braided bun you made, for the same reason as above. :)

see link below at point 14 for photo instructions on how to support and secure the ponytail.

hope this helps for your next epic cosplay! :)
Yuu said…
I like your Leafa cosplay a lot! I'm planning to cosplay her as well so you are my inspiration! ^^ Thank you for tutorial how to make that sword!

And my tip for that slipping wig is maaaaaany bobby pins! Well... I have exactly the same wig for Kamio Misuzu and I always put wig more into the forehead, secure the wig with bobby pins (3 pins in front and two at the back) and clip the ponytail. That heavy ponytail will drag that wig backwards a little but because I secured that wig more towards it's in the right place at the end. Try it and I hope it will help you.^^

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