Cosfest 2014 (Day 2) Cosplay photo pimps!

Cosfest 2014, also named Cosfest XIII - The Final Fantasy have officially ended today. As the roman numerals implied, this marks the 13th year of the event! How time flies! This is also the last year for the event to be held at the iconic Downtown East D’ Marquee Dome.




Did you guys enjoyed yourself this weekend?


I had a lot of stuffs on before this so I only reached the event around 5:30pm. Thankfully Cosplayers tend to come out/stay late too so I still managed to grab a few shots! I still missed out on many people though =(


Random photo is random.




I only brought my 50mm lens today (yesterday) so apologies if my photographs appear too static or tight! Super thanks to all the cosplayers who posed for me and people who came up to say Hi ^_^

Would you Miss Downtown East 8D? What location would you like the next Cosfest to be held in?
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Feel free to share your own Cosfest photos (Online album) link in the comments below~



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