Finalist for the Singapore Blog Awards 2014

Believe it or not, The Cosplay Chronicles (this blog!) is a finalist for the Best Topical Blog for the Singapore Blog Awards 2014!




This is the third year The Cosplay Chronicles is a finalist for the Singapore Blog Awards ! I really appreciate being selected to be a finalist as that indicates that the judges see quality in the content being dished out here T^T


omysg 2014


So yes guys, please vote for The Cosplay Chronicles daily! Click here to vote, scroll to the “Best Topical Blog” category and vote away~!


My Blogger friend from Spin or Bin Music (homg my competitor 8D) also nominated my Twitter and YouTube account for the “Follow’s Choice” category! I honestly can’t believe I actually managed to get into the finalist for the Follower’s category since my Subscribers/Followers pales in comparison to all my competitors! That’s a big reason why I didn’t even bother submitting my accounts in the first place xD


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Seriously, how to win against Nigahiga, Dr Jiajia , Wahbanana and all these awesome Youtubers with regular and structured content?! But aiya I still need to ask you guys to vote for me so… CLICK HERE TO VOTE!!


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Don’t get me started about how pathetic my Twitter followers (amount) are haha. CLICK HERE TO VOTE!!


You don’t need to be a Singaporean to vote (but Singaporeans voters are eligible for lucky prizes!), you just need a Facebook account to vote! Please help vote for The Cosplay Chronicles so our favourite hobby will get a spotlight in the mainstream media~




This is the 3rd time The Cosplay Chronicles have been a finalist for the award and I must admit, this year I feel a lot more apprehensive than previous years. I feel like I’m going to walk home empty handed again and while I genuinely think the winners deserves their win. It’s still hard to fight that small feeling of disappointment.

But regardless of the result, I’m still thankful for everything that has happened to me because of the blog.

I started the blog because of my innate nature to share and expression my opinions. I wanted a platform to talk about a hobby that I held close to my heart, I wanted a place to clear up any misunderstanding non-cosplayers might have for Cosplayers, I wanted a place to share my crafting tips and showcase awesome Cosplays.



I wanted to have an excuse to sabo (translate: troll) my cosplayer friends , force them to play difficult games and watch them make a fool of themselves


…I like to dig into their bags and force them to show me their intimate belongings.



I even go as far as bashing into their rooms to uncover their crafting secrets.

Yes, I had a lot of fun =) It was all hard work but I had fun too. Never did I expect the blog to gain as much exposure as it did and influence so many people around the world. I lost track of the amount of people who told me my blog inspired them to start cosplaying and the people who became friends because of my WWCPJ project.


Long ago, before I started the blog, a non-cosplayer friend told me he heard about me through other friends who are in the Animanga community. And the very first thing they said about me, was that I was a very ‘Dao’ (translate: proud, snobbish) person. I also have Cosplayer friends tell me that other cosplayers have commented casually about how they didn’t like how I “always only cosplays with people she knows”. I’ll leave you to guess how I felt hearing those words.


Why I hate talking Cosplays to Non-Cosplayers


Nothing much have changed in the way I communicate with people. I still only cosplay with people I know or are friends of friends. But I like to think, because of the blog and YouTube channel, people now have a better understanding of who “Kaika” the cosplayer is. I guess on a very personal level, this blog have changed my life too.

So thank you for reading and supporting The Cosplay Chronicles.


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