Sailor Moon Crystal (New SM anime!)

It's finally here! In celebration of the 20th anniversary, Sailor Moon is back ! Much to the delight of fans all over the world!





Here’s the opening preview!


“ This new series, entitled Sailor Moon Crystal, is set to premiere on July 5, 2014  at 7:00 pm (6:00 am EST) and stream a new episode every other week for a year, running at a total of 26 episodes.

The series will be available on Niconico Douga, a Japanese streaming video service, subtitled in ten languages including English. The North American distribution rights have been licensed by Viz Video. The North American distribution rights have been licensed by Viz, to be streamed on Hulu as well as Viz’s own streaming site, Neon Alley.


Info from:


Like all female Anime fans, I started my Otaku Journey with SailorMoon. The girls were such an inspiration to me as a kid and brought much topics between me and my friends (though sadly, not much of them were into cartoons :< ). But to be honest, I’m not nearly as  big a fan as most of my Cosplayer/Otaku friends are. I’ve only caught the series when it aired on TV and I didn’t follow the Manga from head to tail. Pardon me Sire, but there were no Broadband then :/


Transformation sequence of all the Senshis!



I look forward to having another chance with the new series where we can both start from ground zero hahaha. I’m also looking forward to realising my childhood cosplay plan later this year! Bet nobody can guess the character haha!


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