An evening at Akihabara (Autumn 2014)

Recently, a weird and unexplainable ache for the air in Japan is making me miss the country a lot. So I went back to my archive of Japan Travel photos (which I must say is staggeringly much , trigger happy Vlogger yes -_-;; ) and decided to get back on track with blogging about them.




So last Autumn 2013, I was selected as one of CoFesta’s ambassador along with the likes of Angie, Nikita, Xiaxue, Evacomics, Ashley and Alodia . I extended my trip for another week and had a blast in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. To read about my other experiences in Japan, you can follow the links below.  



Of course, no trip to Tokyo would be complete for an Otaku without at least one trip to Akihabara (unless you are on a very tight Sakura-viewing schedule like me in April xD) . So I visited the mecca of Anime merchandise last autumn and had a random stroll alone.  I'm not someone who collects Anime merchandises (surprise! Surprise!!) so my purpose of visiting Akiba was solely to sightsee and to soak in the vibes.


I don't have much of a story or objective to share in this post so I'll just be sharing the photos I took. Please join me on this mindless stroll in Akihabara!




One of the first few photos I took when I reached Akiba was the beautiful night lights. Akihabara in the evening is a spectacular sight. You feel like you’ve been transported to a land of lights and glitter as almost everywhere you go is a place of visual spectacle with bright lights, colourful pictures and cheery sounds.





Asobi City is a 7 level Mall that has everything.




LAOX is another mall with 7 levels of duty free products. Might have to highlight to all otaku fans out there there Akihabara is also famous for their electronic supplies. So if you’re not too concerned about the warranty, the next time you are in Japan you might like to purchase an electronic gadget there. However I’m not too sure if it will really be cheaper or not hahaha *get boxed*




Randomly found this hilarious picture stuck on one of the shop displays ahhahaa.




Natsume Yuujinchou and Kuroko no Basuke shelf display!




I know the photo is really blur (it’s actually a video screencap) but I saw an Itasha on the road!

“ Itasha (痛車?, literally "painful car"), is a Japanese term for an otaku fad of individuals decorating the bodies of their cars with fictional characters of anime,manga, or video games (especially bishōjo game or eroge). These characters are predominately "cute" female. The decorations usually involve paint schemes and stickers. ”






Akiba Zone is another 7 levels of Anime madness and the Good Smile Cafe is at level 5! I remember taking the lift to level 5 to check out the cafe but the theme of that period was a series I wasn’t familiar with so I didn’t enter the cafe.

I took the stairs down to level 4 and there was a huge floor of 2nd hand toys for sale.





Rin and Miku and Len !



Asuna from Sword Art Online with other characters



Kirito from Sword Art Online.





Was very tempted to get the Titan keychains but I think for such a small plastic toy, they are way overpriced!!



PMMM nendroid! (or are they called something else?)




I kinda regret not getting this Shakugan no Shana figurine but I guess it’s all well because I’d probably just keep it in its box up some cabinet at home.




And guess what I spotted in the drugstores, Sailormoon makeup! Sailormoon launched it’s set of eye makeup to celebrate it’s upcoming 20th anniversary!



A better view of the display XD The range consists of liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner and pearly waterline pencil. Each product sold at around 1260 yen.




Evangelion fever continue to burn in Japan as you see the eyes of the main protagonist grace some eyedrop boxes xD Underneath this shelf is another shelf of Contact Lens solution with Hakuouki characters on the packaging xD





One Piece merchandise! Can someone enlighten me on what this actually is?


This marks my very random blog entry! Hope you guys had fun ingesting this sudden dose of “Japan” vibe! Hopefully I’ll get a video of this trip up soon!


akiyo said…
Hi Kaika,

I'm pretty sure the one piece merchandise translates to "Chopper Lip Cream". So I think it must be a lip balm of some sort! :>
I agree with the comment above^ The item reads as Chopper Lip Cream for 500yen. That's a bit high but considering it's a licensed anime merchandise, it's break-even. :D
Anonymous said…
Hi, I just wanna ask... how long should I allocate for my visit in Akihabara (akiba) is 2 or 3 hours enough just to sightsee? Thanks!
Akiyo & Rihanna: Thanks for the translation gals! 500yen for a lip balm with dubious quality is ex! LOL

Annoymous: It really depends on how big an otaku you are and whether do u intend to buy anything back. I have friends who spent 3 full days there -_-;;; There are theme cafes in Akiba too (maid cafe, Good Smile cafe, Gundam Cafe) so you can allocate a meal there. I personally would only spend half a day to a day there as I'm not big on buying merchandise

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