International Cosplay Day 2014 (Photo Pimps!)

Anyone feeling the post event syndrome? Not sure if that’s what I had but I’ve been feeling like it’s Friday ever since Monday! Oh gosh imagine the dread!


The International Cosplay Day Singapore 2014 took place last Sunday at *SCAPE. According to the organisers, there were more than 5000 attendees from all areas of the community. I couldn't make it in the morning so i arrived at SCAPE around 2pm, which means i have very limited time ><||.


As i was interviewing Kamui and dat-baka that day, i wanted to show them our Singaporean hospitality by giving them some local snacks! So i gathered together a goodie bag comprising of Moon cake,  Piglet moon cake, Muruku (Indian fried dough & nuts snack) and a bottle of Chinese Herbal Tea. Reckoned it'd be fun to let them have a taste of Singapore haha. The Herbal tea can sooth their (presumably) tired throats and bodies too. I gathered 3 goodie bags for all the guests (Kamui's had double portions so her partner can taste the snacks too!) and they were super heavy.



So the first thing i did upon reaching scape was to nervously scout around for a place to leave my stuffs behind haha. Finally found solace in level 5’s Treetop Media Lounge and hey, what do you know! It's dat-baka's panel time! So i slot myself into the room to be the hardworking "Media" I am hahaha.





The panel was carried out in a very intimate fashion and dat-baka did a short demonstration on a model's face. He also showed everyone the makeup he used by passing the product around. Through out the Panel, dat-baka tried to explain as much as he could about cosplay makeup and his personal experience. I’m sure the fangirls had a great time because before he started the makeup tutorial, he even opened the floor to ask questions lol.




Dat-baka with some of the Panel attendees! It was a group photo but I forgot I had my 50mm lens on and … I basically cropped everyone out -_- GOMEN NE *bows* !!!!!


However i think my presence caused a bit of confusion when I first popped in. Being the time constrained “Media” I was , my key objective was to snap as much videos and photos as I can from an external perspective. Since everyone was sitting so intimately in circles around dat-baka, they were totally expecting a girl dressed in denim dress and flora cardigan to sit down with them. Instead I walked up behind them and started snapping photos non-stop obliviously. It took me a while to realise they were talking about me when they say “ She’s just taking photos” in a somewhat perplexed tone among themselves. Oh dear, Kaika needs better ninja skills!


I had an exclusive interview with dat-baka coming up soon so look forward to it!




ICDS this year have grown out of the Ground Theatre Hall it used to use and gone on to leaving footprints on as much as 3 levels of SCAPE.




Go into the Theatre Hall and first thing on your right is the Prints booth of Kamui and dat-baka; guest Cosplayers of the event.




Further down and you see Filipino Photographer; Jay Tablante’s Photo exhibition! I wish the photographs in the exhibition were bigger though! At it’s current size, I feel like I need to squirm to see the magnificent details.


Jay Tablante's Exhibition


Move on to the sponsor booths and we can see them at the fringe of the hall. I didn't have much time to spare so i missed most of the booths :( K-Palette is in the background because it is an official sponsor!




This is random but try their new 1 day Tattoo liquid eyeliner (micro) ! It’s super fine and has a 0.5mm  tip that makes it so much easier to draw the tip of your eyes with! Check out this pair of eyes I drew on my left arm xD The top eye is drawn with the Micro eyeliner. They are having a warehouse sale now till 29th august!


Sorry I digressed! On to the rest of the event!


The Ground Theatre (which was actually level 2) was where majority of the things happened. The stage was pretty much a non-stop gig one after another. There was an Anime Quiz Challenge, Cosplay Runway, Fightsabers, Meet & Greets, Cosplay Talent Showcase and the Cosplay Chess! Isn’t that a lot of stuff for a day!


Here are some photographs from the Cosplay Talent Showcase.




This team of Shingeki no Kyojin cosplayers (they were doing the Casino costume version) did a saucy Korean dance routine!




I think this is Mad Alice right? Their costume and performance were so creepy and good xD They walked away with the Best Craftsmanship award!




The most daring performance imho. This duo here performed a scene from the classical musical; Les Miserables . It was a sob worthy scene and a praise worthy performance! And yes, they sang live!




Steel Giant cosplay! This is apparently based on an early 90s movie. The performance had no dialogue but coupled with the change in music and the choreographed actions , it was a pretty interesting skit. I would have liked it better if the change in pace and emotions were more obvious because as someone who has never watched the film before, I found myself double guessing the skit. That said though, who can resist that Giant costume? Not only was it realistically sized, it looked as sturdy as steel and it moves so fluidly! Kudos to the cosplayers for their effort!




And their efforts were not wasted as they walked away with the Judge’s Choice Award.




Back to the event hall, look there was a Heroes of Storm booth. Looks like fun eh haha? 




Move on to level 4 and we see more Doujin booths and cosplayers! The artists booths sold a range of products such as badges, prints and key chains.







There were also Dolfies booths that displayed dolfies ! This owner is super cute. Can you guess what he’s doing in the background? He was using 2 small screwdrivers to meticulously arrange the dolfie’s cards on their tables! SO MUCH ATTENTION CAN hahahahaa!





Level 5 was a mini event by itself;  it was the Doujin Market & Extravanganza Exhibition ! The Doujin event by itself has organised an interesting myriad of activities such as Drawing Competition and Guest Artist Workshops and Talks.




The Gallery was so and cosy and had some booths that showed the creations of local creators and artists!






The middle of the room showcased the Winners of Drawing Competition!






The sponsor beverage of the event this year was Nestle’s Sjora! Ahhhhhh it's SO NICE! The flavour dished out was Mango Peach. It was very refreshing , sweet and a little bit sour. Just the zesty type of yoghurt-y drinks i like.




Because I had interviews to do, I'm regretful to say I didn't have as much time to roam around and shall have to end my report. But here are some photographs of cosplayers that i caught. Much thanks to all the wonderful cosplayers who posed for me!



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