What to expect @ Singapore Toy Games & Comics Convention 2014!

Just a few more days and STGCC shall happen! Are you ready? Let me help you prepare yourself by telling you some of the event highlights!


Name: Singapore Toy Games & Comics Convention
Date: 6th & 7th Sept 2014 (10am - 8pm)
Venue: Marina Bay Sands
$19 (single day) $25 ( both days) $70 (VIP for both days)
Web: http://www.singaporetgcc.com/




The Guests!

STGCC is best known for having some of the best variety and quantity of Guests in Singapore. Unlike most of the major in Singapore that focus on Japanese Anime and Cosplays, STGCC focus more on Art and music and Western talents. While I am personally not a fan of western comics except for the mainstream titles such as X-Men and J.E.M haha xD


This year, STGCC have a total of 27 guests! Ranging from Comic Artists, Writers, DJs , Designers, Composers, Musicians, Voice actors to Cosplayers! Check out the individual artist by clicking on the image below.




a few hours ago, STGCC just announced that due to unforeseen personal matters, Stayxxx will not be able to make it for STGCC 2014.


Artist Alley

STGCC is an event that claims to “juice up the pop culture universe” so in line with that is the chance for local Artists and creators to showcase and promote their products at the event. There are more than 100 exhibitors, artists and merchants for you to explore, so remember to bring enough cash!




Booth Promotions & Giveaways

When you have this much exhibitors, you know everyone’s dying for your attention. So here comes the much loved booth giveaways!


For the full list of Booth promotions, click here!




Some booths are also offering exclusive meet & greet sessions or live sculpting. For the full list of Booth highlights, click here!





Guest Panels

Why have guests at your event if they aren’t going to be on stage? So of course, stage panels it is!


For a better view of the panels happening, click here!





Highly popular Japanese Voice Actor Tomokazu Sugita will be having a panel on the 6th September 2pm - 3pm. Tomokazu Sugita is the voice of Gintoki from popular Anime; Gintama and Kyon from The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi.



Multiple Comic artists such as Cameron Stewart, David Mack , Kelly Bender, Evacomics and more will be having multiple panels through out the 2 day events


Cosplay Panel & Runway

Following STGCC’s closing tradition every year, the Cosplay Runway is set to happen on 7th September 5pm - 7pm




Cosplay Guest Lenneth Xvii will be having an intimate panel where she shares her special and memorable Cosplay moments on stage. This will happen on stage on Sunday 7th September 12pm - 1pm .


Meet the Guests (Walk of Fame)!

STGCC have this thing they call “Walk of Fame”. It’s basically a Meet & Greet session with the invited guests! Not only do you get to meet and shake hands, you can even take photos or ask for autographs!


For the timetable for the Walk of Fame , click here!




DJ Night

Dance the evening away with a mash up of head swinging Anisong, Vocaloid and Touhou music! The DJ Night features 3 DJs representing 3 different genres of music. This party is free for all event attendees and happens on Saturday, 6th September 5:30pm - 8pm



d.watt (IOSYS)



Exclusive merchandise

As the name implies, exclusive products, figurines or what so ever! My figurine collector friend goes crazy at STGCC every year hahaha xD



These 3 are sold out though ;/





*Phew* There’s so much highlights in this event I feel burn out just blogging about it . And I’ve only just scratched the top of it! See you guys at STGCC this weekend!


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