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Are you as excited as me to know that Psycho Pass is getting a new season soon? Season 2 of the critically acclaimed Japanese Anime; Psycho Pass 2 will be airing on Japanese TV in a few more days ( 9th October 2014) !!


Info source: Noitamina Official YouTube
Official website: 






New characters have been introduced in this new season but majority of the cast remains. This is something I’m very grateful for as there’s nothing more annoying than to end a series with well liked storyline and characters only to walk into a new instalment of that fictional world with totally different faces. I look forward to all the character development and plot twists the series will showcase.


psycho pass2


Other than the new series, a movie edition have been announced too. The movie is forecast to air on the big screens 9th January 2015. Akane looks so badass in this!!!




Info & image source: Psycho-Pass心理測量者


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