Kyoukai no Kanata ~I’ll be here~ (Movie)

So it has been announced that popular Japanese Light Novel turned Anime; Kyoukai no Kanata will be gracing the silver screen!





It will be a 2 part Anime film that is to be released in March and April of 2015.



I love how the short trailer just puts you right back into the series as if it had never ended. The continuity of the pastel colour, theme and music just screams nostalgia. I hope fans outside of Japan will get a chance to catch this movie on the big screen too!







Here’s the limited edition merchandise that can be purchased along with the movie ticket as a bundle pack. So cute but so expensive >.<


Photo 70 edit 2


Now I’m double envious of Lunaru & Nikki who are in Japan at the moment! They are the Akihito and Mitsuki cosplayer here and they will likely be able to catch the movie ! Check out the photos from our Kyoukai no Kanata photoshoot in Japan by clicking here. Chiiyo and I also cosplayed the Dance version costume early this year along with a dance cover, so check it out too ^_^ .


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