Rurouni Kenshin : Trust & Betrayal (Photoshoot)

If you’ve been following TheCosplayChronicles on Facebook, you’d be informed that I was in Manila (Philippines) last weekend! And what was I doing there? Other than hanging out with my crazy Filipino friends, it’s also to shoot Cosplay photo-shoots! 4 Photo-shoots jam packed into a short 5 Days 4 Nights (technically more like 4 1/4 days ) stay in Manila and I’m as alive as a Cockroach! I surprise myself sometimes XD



Himura Battousai/Kenshin: Jin (behindinfinity)
Yukishiro Tomoe: Kaika/ Elpheal


The last shoot I did was from the series ; Rurouni Kenshin. My partner in crime was renown Filipina Cosplayer; Jin Joson aka Behindinfinity. Being the last photoshoot to occur, the photos sure come out fast! And it’s all thanks to Jin’s amazingly efficient and beautiful editing skills. She makes me look so much better than I actually am ;_;


We cosplayed as Himura Battousai and Yukishiro Tomoe. In case any of you are not aware of the backstory, Yukishiro Tomoe was Kenshin/Battousai’s first wife. She was also the woman who completed his cross scar. I don’t want to spoil anymore of the beautiful story so go and experience it yourself! I highly recommend reading the manga version of this Arc on top of watching the OVA. The manga gave a lot more depth to both Himura and Yukishiro’s characters.






“ I followed you because I wanted to thank you…”




“ At tragic scenes they always say ‘A Rain of Blood Falls’ …”




“ But you really made it …

                           Rain Blood …”




“ … The Vanguard of Mad Justice…




…. is just a boy who isn’t even of age ”



“ GyraAAghhHH!!!! ”



“ …”



“ Let me stay for a while … ”



“ You need a Sheath to hold back

                                         Your Madness








I must admit that I haven’t completely gotten around the idea that I actually got to cosplay Tomoe with Jin’s Battousai. Yukishiro Tomoe was my first cosplay character and despite her stoic personality, she bears a very special presence to me in Kenshin’s life. And Kenshin being such a big part of my Otaku Fandom means anything related to him is important to me too (sorta XD). I’ve always looked up to Jin’s cosplay and interpretation of Kenshin so I am very happy she was game for the shoot. I was also delightfully surprised to discover that Reskiy, our lovely photographer was also a fan of the series. Nothing beats working with people who knows exactly what they want and like! Especially talented individuals like these two lovely people.





Believe it or not, we actually held the photoshoot in and around Jin’s home with just one strobe light. We had so much fun that day just chilling and indulging in our common fandom. It was a very nice feeling to be surrounded by people who shares the same heartache and passion with you, especially since it was such an old series. Our friends helping out at the shoot were hilarious and it was a miracle we even managed to get such sombre expressions!


I wanted to share some BTS photographs and videos but for fear of soiling the sombre theme here, I shall leave that for another entry (maybe). I’m sure you guys don’t need any reminder but make sure to follow Jin (BehindInfinity) and Reskiy on their respective websites to keep up to date with their latest works. More of our Battousai X Tomoe photographs will come soon so stay tuned!


Aki Mori said…
The photos look great and you look lovely as Tomoe~
Usagi Chan said…
WOW! Absolutely stunning!

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