Interview with KamuiCosplay (Germany)

Svetlana Quindt, more commonly known as KamuiCosplay is a Cosplayer from Germany. Kamui is one of the very few Full Time Cosplayer globally who earns her keep with gloriously hand crafted costumes and helpful tutorials.  KamuiCosplay considers herself a writer, a teacher , a student and most of all a Cosplayer!


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Kamui Cosplay:



She was in Singapore to attend the International Cosplay Day Singapore event organised by The Neo Tokyo Project in August 2014 and I am honoured to have this exclusive interview with her and her husband; Benny! Scroll down to watch the interview as she tells us what it’s like to be a full time Cosplayer, hoe she started this amazing journey and many more!







Special thanks to Rescend/WIlliam for the videography!


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