Cosplayers @ Comic Fiesta 2014

I attended Comic Fiesta 2014 last year ( which is really just last weekend lol) and had so much fun at the event. You can read up about my Comic Fiesta 2014 event write-up by clicking here. There are photographs of event booths, mascots and cosplayers. But here’s a little Cosplayers-in-motion video to share! Thanks to all the awesome Cosplayers who posed for me, you guys looked great! Keep rockin!






I’m sorry the video quality is so mweh, I only brought my Prosumer camera this time because my suitcase was bursting with 2 costumes. But enjoy!




Yvonne said…
Nice! I'm always interested in cosplaying but too shy to actually to do it :3 oh well, maybe this year :)

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