How to make a Curved Cardboard blade

A couple of years back I created a tutorial sharing how to make cosplay swords out of cardboard. That tutorial (video is here click to view!) however, was only able to make straight swords/blade. I recently discovered a way to create curved blades utilizing similar materials and methods. Consider this a level-up Jitsu (technique)! More Video & Photos below!


I made my Lyfa (Suguha) from Sword Art Online’s Sword with this method.




The methods of making a cardboard blade generally stays the same; use a good and hard cardboard, cut to shape, tape the edges up and then insert a wooden dowel as the skeleton.  The only difference here is the use of a curved dressmaking ruler. Instead of using a straight wooden dowel to create the bevel in the middle of the sword, I use a curved dressmaking ruler to bend the cardboard strategically until the entire blade is seamlessly curved.




I googled and it seemed like my curved ruler is the one labelled 101.





It seems like different manufacturer has a different naming for it so unfortunately , I can’t give any more definite instructions. I guess just find a curved ruler that has a bend suitable for your prop. To watch and listen to me explain how to make a curved blade, click the video below!




Step 1:


Draw and then cut out your blade on hard cardboard. Cut 2 sides of it.




Step 2:


Use a pencil and your curved ruler to draw the centre line of the blade. For this part, it’s really up to your own artistic intuition to make it work so ganbatte minna-san!



IMG_8791 edit2



Step 3:

Next , place the edge of the curved ruler along the centre line according to the curve and then bend the cardboard slowly. A bend should be formed around the edge of the curved ruler which in turn, creates a curved bend. Work in small sections and move up along the centre line.


IMG_8806 edit


Follow the centre line and if everything goes well, you should flip your cardboard around and see this!




Tadarh! Curved blade!


The subsequent steps are pretty much the same as the normal straight sword.




Just make 2 of these sides, give them a strong skeleton with a wooden dowel .




Tape it up! I used a layer of masking tape and a layer of sliver tape.




I also applied a few layers of Mod Podge, then let it dry.




Then the curved blade needs some paint and it’s done!






Hope you liked this tutorial. Remember to comment and tell me what you think. Also please remember to share and subscribe!


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