J-Obsession 2015 (Farewell Naruto) Cosplay photos

Date: 13 -15th Mar 2015
Venue: The Cathay

I had some personal matters to attend to on Saturday so I had to miss it. Even though I was told that Saturday was the main highlight hhaha. When I reached the area around 4pm, It was about time for Rie u to perform!


Apparently, Rie Fu now lives in Singapore! She’s been here for 6 months and absolutely loves it! She even composed a song named Singapore! Riefu starter her performance with “Life is like a Boat”; 1st ending song of the anime BLEACH. Her performance needless to say, was ace!


And many fans managed to get a camwhore with the song bird herself =)


The small little booths corner!



Since the event was themed “Farewell Naruto” and with the opening of the The Last Movie, there were many Naruto Cosplayers around!!


The 4 generation of Hokages !


There were 4 Cosplay Guests! Rimuta and Shiro from Japan and Ashteyzx and Shizuka from Singapore. I’m very happy to see a local event invite  local Cosplayers as guests!


Ashteyzx cosplaying as Sennen mode Naruto!


Shizuka cosplaying as Sasuke from Naruto.


Rimuta and Shiro cosplaying as characters from Love Live!


The 4 cosplay guests were invited on stage to give away the final lucky draw prizes. 2 sets of figurines and Anime merchandises were given away two lucky attendees who are still at the Event area around 5:30pm. And I’m super amused by the guy who won the Hatsune Miku Nendroid… I am hard pressed to describe his reaction as excitement xD

And finally some cosplayer picture! I arrived at the event hall very late and was distracted so I apologies for the less than usual photographs. But hope you liked them anyway! Mega thanks to all the cosplayers for allowing me to take photographs of them and accepting all my little requests!

Hope you guys enjoyed the event and your


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