Jack Frost x Elsa Photo Shoot !

I finally finally finally cosplayed Elsa!!!! After a year of procrastination ! I bought fabrics for her last January 2014 and only finished it this January! Talk about time management Kaika -_-; Due to my procrastinating nature and life commitments, I really struggled to finish the costume in time for the shoot. In fact, I finished it like 7am in the morning. To make things worse, I had gastric attack on Friday night then massive headache , nauseousness and stomach upset (I threw up!) on Saturday night. Yeah, I tend to have a weak constitution T_T

I’m really thankful to my Cosplay Partner Yuanie for not only being willing to be my Jack Frost, but also being so enthusiastic  and caring!

DSC_0357 edit2

Jack Frost (ROTG) : Yuanie
Elsa (FROZEN) : Kaika / ElphealPhoto: William.TAssistant: Kyoka, Data & Neo

This is the first time I did a mesh up series photo-shoot (not including the massive Cosplay Parties we had when I first started cosplaying) and we have Yuanie to thank for that hahaa. I initially suggested for her to cosplay Anna but she was like, “ I think I make a bishie guy, I think I’ll do Jack Frost”. And I was like “okcan.jpg” LOL xD. Well, things turned out great as romantically linked couple has more pos-ing options compared to a pair of sisters.

When we finally confirmed the photoshoot date and invited William to shoot for us, our first problem was “How should we do this?” . Both series being so well loved and well cosplayed meant there were little artistic originality or challenge for us to fulfil. What could be done was already done by another cosplayer. To make things worse, they are both SNOW elemental users! How am I supposed to find snow in tropical Singapore?

For the longest time that had been the one thing that inhibited out progress; we didn’t know how to shoot these 2 characters! But as proven time and again, “if there’s a will there’s a way”! More appropriately for our case though, I guess would be “Back a dog up in the corner & it’s bound to bite”. Haha not implying we are dogs but meaning to say when one is pushed to a corner and forced to do something, they eventually will. Yeah one week before our shoot, we finally met up and had an in-depth discussion of how we can shoot.

DSC_0455 edit v2

We researched and brainstormed on what we can come up with. We talked about painting a canvas background, we talked about using blue light (which we sorta did) and we talked about hanging snow flake ornaments (eww?)  on top of many other suggestions. But due to time, money and talent concerns, we eventually settled on what you see now. A highly conceptual shoot of a dark place with snow, smoke and dreary winter branches.

DSC_0419 edit

The dark background echo silence while painting a picture of a lonely night. Darker background also brings focus to the subjects. It provides a contrasts against the bare winter branches to emphasise not just the winter element but the feeling of desolate; something both Elsa and Jack embodies . Of course, there’s also an appropriate dose of snowflakes to highlight the winter theme while filling up the spaces magically.

It feels like Jack Frost and Elsa is out on a secret date!

It was also one of the concepts with easiest to make props xD. We just need to find nice big branches and spray them white! While it was the easiest option, I gotta say it was still difficult to carry out. Especially when you don’t own a car! Yuanie and I ventured into our neighbourhood wilderness and managed to find some fairly big branches with interesting shapes.

We then came together and sprayed them white at her place. The spray paint and time spent bent over probably did me in as I spent the rest of the evening feeling sick and running to the toilet to throw up the minute I reached home =(


We also accidentally discovered the best substitute for snow, Bean Bag refills! You can buy them online here!

Turns out, Polystyrene Bead’s ultra light and uncontrollable nature makes for easily scattered and natural looking snow on pictures! Just make sure you get someone to help you throw them strategically. That said, I must take the opportunity to thank the 3 assistant friends we had that day. Much thanks to Kyoka,Neo and Data for sacrificing their own weekend just to help us hold branches, flip capes and throw polystyrene beads! All these pictures wouldn’t have been possible without all your help!


Can you see the 2 helpers standing on chairs and throwing the beans xD? Unfortunately, as with any photograph with dynamic elements incorporated , it can be hard to manipulate the snowflakes (beads) so Photoshop was still required.

Mega thanks to William for not only shooting us, but also for lending his room out to us to be converted into a studio! Yes, we shot all this in his room =) Super thankful to William for his awesome photography and willingness to make everything work out! It helps that he is fun loving too xD

DSC_0502 edit2

DSC_0491 edit


The hardest part of portraying Elsa turned out to be recreating her perfectly coifed and sassy hair (on top of other dressmaking feats-_-) ! Tried as I have, I still didn’t do well enough so most of the photographs had to be photoshopped to make my wig look more ‘Elsa’ like.


I however, did better than I expected in the makeup arena! I don’t often get the chance to do smoky eye looks so I jumped at this opportunity to create this shimmery purple smoky look. I finally used the loose glitter I bought eons ago for Elsa! Forgive the humongous forehead-_-;

DSC_0335 edit

Of course, William also introduced smoke into the pictures to give it an air of mystery (pun intended xD)

If you’re interested in how I made my Elsa costume then check out this blog entry I wrote !


We had a lot of fun and laughter that afternoon! So much that we skipped dinner as we ended our shoot around 9pm (maybe more -_-?) and then rushed home as it was a Monday the next day.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed looking at the photographs as much as we enjoyed taking them ^_^ . Remember to like, share and comment ^_^


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