Doujima 2015 (Independent Artists & Creator-owned event)

Doujima is a bi-annual community art fair that celebrates Singapore's independent artists, creator-owned content and derivative fan works. This is the 2nd year running of the event and it’s back again with awesome artists and awesome workshops!


Event Name: Doujima 2015
Date: 25th & 26th April 2015
Venue: *SCAPE, The Treetop (Level 5)


Doujima 2015 poster


Doujima 2015 Exhibitor List and Map


Doujima has up to 34 exhibitors for your to browse and purchase creative merchandises from!




Other than having a substantial amount of creative booths to entertain you, topic centric workshops have also been arranged for those of you who wants to know more.


Some of the Artist groups are holding giveaways too so check them out below! 




One of the participating Artist group, Datworks  is even holding a giveaway now! Click here to see how you can win Touken Ranbu Postcards and Badges!





Redbeersake - Mints is also giving away a Touken Ranbu Doujinshi. Check how you can win it by clicking here!





Art by Applepie.




Art by Yiluze.



Art by Doodl3Werks


Still unsure if you want to attend Doujima 2015? Check out my blog entry and event video to get a feel of the motivating vibe the event brings!


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