Mononoke Hime - Ashitaka Photoshoot

After having heard the name and it’s iconic theme song for near a decade, I finally watched Hayao Miyazaki’s Mononoke Hime around 2 years back. I’ve been a big fan ever since and went through the usual ritual of rewatching it way too many times. I would even go as far as claiming it to be my favourite Studio Ghibli movie.

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Ashitaka : Kaika/ Elpheal
Photos: Nik
Assistance by: Sara

Other than the impeccable storyline and superb characters, I was especially smitten by Ashitaka, who happens to be the lead by the way. I’ve always thought it was weird why the movie was named “Mononoke Hime” instead of “Ashitaka’s adventure” when Ashitaka himself played such a  pivotal role in the movie.

Ashitaka is a prince of the Inishi tribe.  He was cursed by a Boar God-turned-monster when he tried to protect his village from it. He had to leave the tribe after that and went on a long journey to seek the truth and find a possible cure for his curse that will very soon, kill him. Ashitaka is the typical, silent and strong tribal boy. I like to think his added responsibility as the last prince of his tribe also gave him additional maturity and reliability.  A man of few words who always strive to do the right things for nothing in return.

Did I mention how hot he was? haha.

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I had the awesome chance to shoot Ashitaka in an awesome location earlier this year. Nik and I put in a lot of effort and thought into making the photos as close to our imagination of Ashitaka’s world as possible and I hope you guys liked it





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The prince looks at the journey ahead of him and ponders. Would there be anything other than death awaiting?

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Fear or not, he ventures courageously on. For he no longer has the luxury called home.


“ To see with eyes unclouded by hate…”

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_NIK6882 (1)

_NIK6898 (1)


“ARgghhhhhhhh my hand!”

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It was an awesome shoot and we were all so thankful for the weather. Despite Singapore's constantly humid and hot climate, the weather that day was comfortable and had plenty of wind. For someone who’s in a wig and wearing arm warmers under her gloves, the good weather was definitely something I greatly appreciate. Of course we were also super thankful it didn't rain!


Also being in such a beautiful place that almost doesn’t look like Singapore was very relaxing. It felt like we were on a  weekend getaway instead of having a photo shoot xD!

I hope you guys enjoyed the picture and followed the story. Feel free to leave me a comment tell me what you think!


Vi said…
You are so awesome as Ashitaka, Miss Kaika! :)
katz, kathy said…
Looking at this new set, just makes me love your Ashitaka even more <3 now we have a set perfect to match~!

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