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I shared this picture on facebook with much infatuation , let me talk more about this place here. This amazingly accurate set up of the popular Anime “Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun” is part of a Cosplay Photography studio that anyone can use  at a price.




Hacostadium is a Photo Studio with branches in Osaka, Tokyo and Kawasaki. They have 2 branches in Osaka, 2 branches in Tokyo and 1 in Kawasaki. The operating hours are roughly from 11am - 8pm but differs according to branch.


Official Website:
Location: Tokyo , Osaka & Kawasaki
Entrance: 1600 yen - 4800 yen ( Fee is dependent on date , time and branch)
Opening Hours: Roughly 11am - 8pm but dependent on branch.





It is a limited season photo set in Hacostadium’s branch. This set will only be from 1st April - 30th June 2015.





There is even a Psycho Pass Set!!




Akane! No more Kougami T_T




This is actually Hacostadium’s Steam Punk set in Osaka. Which, with the right use of lighting and of course, character costumes, brings you right into the heart of an entirely different Anime altogether. 




Even the ceiling has been taken into consideration! What this means is, the photographer can shoot dynamic angles without any worries!





And the same place can be used for other series too! Notice the lights in the background has been changed into orange/red lights?




Hacosta even has recommended lighting changes and smoke machine to assist their client in setting up different mood! The photo above is an example photo to illustrate the difference when different hue is used.





I randomly found Hacostadium while I was strolling around DenDentown a few weeks ago.  I had walked in with a hungry stomach, thinking it was another fancily set up theme cafe not unlike the Good Smile x Animate cafe just one level down.  I thought the place was a themed cafe because from the entrance you can see part of the set above ahah! *TROLLED*


The staff at the counter felt like a cosplayer herself, with her impeccable skin , short boy wig and minimalist cosplay makeup. It felt like she was crossdressing as a male Animanga shop keeper XD!!! She politely informed me in English that this is a place to take photograph and is not a cafe, much to my amazement. My only memory of her was how cute she was when she apologetically told me that this is a place to take cosplay photos and entrance fee is ‘'”a little expensive” haha! Got to love Japanese service staff!


I hope to try one of these studios one day! For a cosplayer like myself who has been taking photographs in free outdoor locations for so long, I wonder what kind of experience and memory can I take away from Hacostadium? Would you be interested to experience Hacostadium yourself? Share your opinion in the comments below!


Genevieve said…
I saw photos from the set of Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun on RocketNews24, but I had never seen the other sets you shared. This is so interesting. I really wish we had those where I live (Canada), but at the same time I understand why we don't haha

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