Final Fantasy 7 Full remake coming this winter

Yes , you’ve seen the title. Square Enix has finally concurred to the overwhelming fan response (or maybe just running out of new ideas) . The full remake of the classic is coming to Play Station 4.

The remake is produced by Yoshinori Kitase and directed by Tetsuya Nomura.


Official Website: 




Watch the trailer below.





What is your thought on the remake?


I’m not a Final Fantasy 7 fan and have never played the classic game before (obviously). But I always have a thing against remakes. It’s always so hard to surpass an original that is deemed un-surpass-able. The emotional attachment of an endearing childhood will not be so easily be washed over with super high definition resolution and handsome 3d men (okay, maybe the Bishounen part will actually work). But however I see it, it’s a steep mountain to climb and I can see why the company too so long with it.


My biggest fear is that the remake will tarnish the memory of the original by giving the characters half-assed representations, behaviours and dialogues, thinking they can rely just on good graphics. I always believed that a good game, anime or manga is never about the Art but the story. The story has to have personable characters that the players will grow attached to and love. There must be character development and good story progresses.







That said, the game/trailer quality is incredibly detailed and realistic.




Anonymous said…
Are they showing more things this winter or the whole HD remaster is coming out this winter? If it coming this winter? I'll say that.... so early. yes I know its only 7 months away but still this all they show to us? Before that, they show up Final Fantasty 7 HD coming out for ps3 couple of months ago. I say need another year for this. better not be blocky character with in game cut scene. Trust me remaster EVERYTHING from psone classic doesnt take them 7 months.

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