Anisong Press Conference (S.M.A.S.H , Sydney)

If you haven’t heard, Sydney had a star studded evening early this month. With Japanese music artists such as GARNiDELiA, kz (Livetune), DJ Hello Kitty and yanaginagi taking part in the Anisong concert held by SoZo in tandem with the Sydney Manga Anime Show!
SMASH Press Con-21
The musicians all seemed a little nervous to be in Australia while teetering with excitement at the same time.  "We are very nervous to be here today but we would like to have a great time with everyone” quips a shy but excited MARiA from GARNiDELiA .  
However it seemed like this was not their first trip to Australia for Kz (livetune ) and Yanaginai . This is my 2nd time in Australia. I look forward to a great time with everyone in Australia " Kz(Livetune) calmly said.  Australia seemed to have a special place in Yanaginagi too, "The first time I visited a foreign country was to Cairns. I am very pleased to return again and to participate in the Anisong concert. I look forward to having a great time with everyone.”  
Since the artists were invited for the Anisong concert, questions about their love for Anime and their favourite Anime songs were hot favourites. The artists agreed unanimously to watching and supporting the Anime they collaborate with . Kz (livetune) even let us in on the fact that his Television has given up on him and he can’t watch anything at the moment. However when he gets a new Anime song commission, he will make sure his Television is ready for it.
"I haven’t done much anime songs of late , which is good because my TV is spoilt now. But by the time new anime song offers come , I will definitely fix my TV! KZ(livetune) candidly confessed. 
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Yanaginagi also shared how watching Anime helped inspired and become reference for her future songs; "I made sure I watches all the anime I did songs for. By doing so, I use them as reference for my future songs."
Maria- san from GARNiDELiA also embarrassingly (albeit very cutely) told us she is a big fan of the animated series Naruto and henceforth would say “GO!” by Japanese pop group “FLOW” is her favourite anime song. It’s nice to see such a delicate beauty have a keen interest in Ninja-ing around (so Punny haha -_-). Yanaginagi liked the 2002 series Tokyo Underground and is inspired by the artist Arai Akira. Kz (livetune) likes “Tank!” by Seatbelts from the animated series; Cowboy Bebop.

SMASH Press Con-16
The quartet also shared how they starting their music careers. 

The GARNiDELiA producer Toku, who sported a head of aqua calmly shared the natural progression of him from a music arranger to a music producer. "I was originally a music arranger so getting into this industry was a very nature course.” Toku-san said.

Everyone knows that Kz (livetune ) and Yanaginagi started off on NIcoNico (Japanese videos sharing platform) where they gained immense following and recognition. However did you know that kz (livetune) actually graduated from a Music University ?

"I attended a music university and I’ve always wanted to become part of the industry. But i utilised the internet to broadcast my music instead and that was what paved my career. " Kz(livetune) shared. Yanaginagi followed with her reply , It was the same for me as well, I’ve always loved music and I started by uploading my works onto the internet. I was approached by many people and that’s how I started.
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The press conference ended with a short speech from each of the artists. 

GARNiDELiA : “This is our first time in Australia and we’re very nervous. But we want to give our best and bring a lot of genki and love and power to all the Australians. Even to places where to concert wasn’t held. “
Anisong Concert-40
KZ(Livetune): “it’s been 2 years since I last performed and I feel that the Australian crowd has been very powerful. I have improved and changed my DJ style. I want to perform in a way that will make the crowd sing, dance, jump and enjoy themselves tremendously. “
Anisong Concert-13
Yanaginagi : “ I will be singing various genres of song. I hope even for folks who are not familiar with the songs will still enjoy the songs I sing and will sing a long. “

Anisong Concert-66

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to be at the concert but judging from the amazing photographs TCC’s Australian correspondent; Aru has taken. I’m sure everyone had a heck lot of fun dancing to the beat!


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