Can Fat people cosplay?

Fat Cosplay. What a horrible title, i know. But I ran out of ideas and nothing seem to address today's topic better than this.

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So yes, let's talk about whether fat people can cosplay? My vlog below.

I have previously done a vlog and blog entry on how to start cosplaying. Over there i shared tips on kickstarting your very first cosplay. So in line with The Cosplay Chronicle’s motto of educating the public (and new cosplayers alike) more about Cosplay, I'd like to talk about a more taboo topic; "can you cosplay if you are overweight? "

Being in the hobby for so long, I've seen how ruthless both the community and the public can be to Cosplayers who don't fit the unrealistic benchmark /imagination/ standard of a 2d character. And i think we all need to chillax and cut each other some slack.

If you are new to this hobby or know nothing about cosplay at all. Please be informed that the whole objective of Cosplay is to interpret and represent a character from a series by using your own body as the model.

The wikipedia description of Cosplay is as below.

“ Cosplay (コスプレ kosupure), a portmanteau of the words costume play, is a performance art in which participants called cosplayers wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character or idea. “

info: Wikipedia

I know Wikipedia is not the most reliable souece of information but if you have a more generally acknowledged Cosplay bible or Manual, please share it with us ;P

So yes. The description of Cosplay states that the hobby is a form of performance art; and that is it. Cosplay can have numerous forms and standards and that's alright with me. As long as the characters they are trying to cosplay are really from a series and they tried their best, then it's all cool.

The fact people always forget, is that as fellow fans of the series, we really don't have much rights to judge a cosplayer at all. The cosplayer spent countless time and money over their costume and don’t get paid for it. Cosplayers do it to pay tribute to their favourite character or series and that’s all. After overcoming all the obstacles, a stranger comes up to you and tell you that you got a part wrong and you suck because of that.

some of the comments on my "Just Be Friends" Cosplay PV

How is that even fair? Why is someone who contributed nothing to the Anime/Manga/Cosplay/Cosplayer suddenly given the right to be god? How does someone else’s bad cosplay affects you?

Yes, critic is crucial for growth. However opinions should be given objectively and constructively at the right place and time. Not matter whether are we online or offline, spoken in front or behind a person, our words should always be respectful. Here are some of my opinions towards some common Cosplay shit talk.

1. "Cosplay is about accuracy "

While I agree that an accurate cosplay brings viewers right into the fandom and celebrates the character in their full glory. Let us remind ourselves that Cosplay is merely a hobby and not everyone sets the same benchmark for it. I appreciate and applaud cosplayers who go the extra mile to bring their cosplays to life but I don’t think that is any reason to shame others who don’t go as far.

2. "They shouldn't cosplay something out of their body type/height/race/gender?"

This is the same thing as telling someone they cannot buy/eat/watch/do something just because they don’t look like they do. How would you liked it if the car seller refuse to sell you your dream car because you look too much like a di**head and will spoil the good reputation of their brand?
Instead of focusing on our difference, why don’t we celebrate the fact that we both enjoy the same series?

3. "It ruins the character! “

This is only cosplay, nobody said the cosplay is official. If you don’t like it, don’t look at it. Nobody can control what you want to see except yourself. If you disagree with the cosplay, just respectfully back off and brush the image off your shoulders.

4. "There are a lot of other characters that fit them. Why can't they select those to portray? “

Why should they cosplay something not of their interest? A cosplayer invest a lot of money and time into a costume; given that, I think they should at least have the right to decide who they want to cosplay.

5. "It's their own fault for putting their photos online and being in public events “

Sometimes the photos are placed online by random Con Attendees or photographers and it is beyond the cosplayer’s control.

Sometimes events are the only place available for the cosplayer to showcase their costumes. After all the effort of constructing it, don’t you think a good show is in tandem?

Let us all remember that the internet is not a space to be mean and irresponsible. Just because a photo was found online does not obliterate the fact that the subject in the photo has an identity and pride. That does not given you any rights to laugh at others like you are better. No, you are just a jeyboard warrior.

While putting oneself in a public place is a personal choice. I am of the opinion that we shouldn’t troll on someone else’s cosplay. Sure you can have an opinion or even critic how it can be improved, but learn some tact and make sure your critics are constructive.


So can Fat people cosplay? Yes. Can people of colour cosplay? Yes. Can girls cosplay guys? Yes. Can guys cosplay girls? It’s rare but…yes they can.

Do you have anything to say about this topic? Leave a comment and share with me!

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