Interview with Jin Joson (BehindInfinity)

Renown Filipino cosplayer; Jin Joson has long inspired Anime fans and cosplayers across the globe with her realistic interpretation of Animanga characters. From Raito (Death Note) to Himura Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin) and most recently, HIro Hamada from Big Hero 6. Jin’s cosplay has been making waves across the internet.





Jin was in Singapore last weekend for the International Cosplay Days Singapore (ICDS) and I had the chance to bombard her with a slew of sensitive Cosplay questions. Already liked Jin and her works? watch this interview and find our what she thinks about sensitive Coplay topics such as Fat Cosplay, Switching Cosplay partners and learn how she made her awesome Hiro Hamada armour suit from Big Hero 6!







Battousai x Tomoe photoshoot part 1 & part 2


Do you agree with what Jin feels about Cosplay? Did you liked the interview? Leave a comment and tell us what you think!


devna x said…
Great interview! I love how candid and open she was, and the questions you posed were thought provoking too. The part about keeping your manners even when you dislike someone's cosplay rings true. Everyone has their own reasons for doing this hobby...

This is also one of the clearest (audio and video-wise) interviews you've had on tcc, thank you for always upping the quality of your videos.
@devna x : Thanks for the comment! Jin was really sweet and open to all the questions. ANd thanks for noticing the up in quality, I always try to improve my video/audio quality. But sometimes the venue is too noisy and cancels out all my effort haha

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