S.M.A.S.H 2015 event coverage & Cosplay Photo gallery

Event name: Sydney Manga and Anime Show 2015
Website: http://www.smash.org.au 

Raise your hands! Those of you who attended the epic Sydney Manga and Anime Show and is suffering from Post-Con depression! SMASH 2015 is another successful year of fun filled event. The activities are so full they overflow!

I wasn’t able to join the event this year but my correspondent; Aru was there and we have some awesome photos to share!

With more than a 100 Artist booths and more than 30 exhibitors, the numbers are enough to tell you how awesome it had been! Check out all these happy shoppers below.

Gundam fans also had something pandering to their interest this year! SMASH plays host to the preliminary search for the Australian representative to the Gunplay Builders World Cup (former BMKWC/BAKUC) . Gunpla Builders World Cup is an international Cundam modelling competitions held by BANDAI as a chance for fans around the world to show off their Gundam building talents. Winner will get a sponsored trip to this year’s Gunpla Builders World Cup as Australia’s representative.

Any heads up on who the winner is?

Of course things doesn’t just end with the experts. SMASH also held Gundam building workshops for anyone interested in getting started.

And of course there’s nothing like good old Lan Gaming with friends at a convention. On a totally random note, that desktop setup looks so darn cool!

There’s even Dance Dance Revolution! Nostalgia much!

Who can forget the BJDs?

Reika cosplaying as Mikazuki Munechika from Touken Ranbu. This is the 2nd time Reika is a guest at SMASH. Japanese Cosplayer Kaname was also a guest at SMASH this year.

Renown Pop Culture Blogger and TV personality; Danny Choo interviewing the Cosplay guests.

Another exhibit at the event was the Itasha (Anime Car decals) displays. I think I personally will probably never do that to my car (if i ever own one), what do you guys think?

Panels ongoing! ShhhhH!

Anime screenings are also a staple in the event schedule.

Love Live Costume exhibition by Madman

I personally really like how SMASH is all about the celebration of the Japanese Animanga Culture and all forms of Otaku-ness. Despite having 2 internationally renown Cosplay guests and the Anisong concert this year, SMASH never for a moment let you think they have forgotten their attendees. From Model building to karaoke and creative Artists booths , contents are well planned and well designed to suit a wide range of fans. Unlike many events that panders only to Cosplayers, SMASH is planned to be a fun weekend for everyone, and they sure are!

TCC’s Australian correspondent; Aru was also able to snap some lovely cosplay photos! Check them out below!


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