What to expect @ ICDS 2015 (International Cosplay Day Singapore)

Event name: International Cosplay Day Singapore
Date : 22 & 23 August 2015
Venue: SCAPE
Admission fee: $5 (Basic Entry), $8 (2 days)

Can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since the ICDS last year. Glad that the International Cosplay Day 2015 is back this year and as usual, with a rolling slew of workshops, activities and meet & greets for all attendees to partake.

Here’s a simple lowdown of what to expect this year!

1) Meet & Greet with Filipino Cosplayer; Jin (BehindInfinity) .

Jin is a internationally renown cosplay from the Philippines. Her works has been featured on multiple publications and media worldwide. Jin has long wowed Animanga fans all around the world with her accuracy in character portrayal and excellent Cosplay photography. Her recent “Big Hero 6” and “ Ore Monogatari” cosplays has also been making waves online.
Jin will also be doing signings so Fangirls, please don’t panic!

2) PiaMo Panel by Ifan Cusianto, brought to you by HobbyMate. 

Indonesian PiaMo (Plastic Model) expert ; Ifan Cusianto is an award winning PiaMo builder and writer of the critically acclaimed “Scratchbuild Revoltuion” guidebook. fan will be
sharing his techniques at the Hobbymate booth during ICDS.

3) Singapore's 5th Annual Cosplay Chess performance

A staple entertainment and the unique trait of ICDS is their loyalty towards good stage performance and storytelling. Back again this year is the epic struggle between Fate and Freedom. Which side are you on?

4) Cosplay Runway Showcase

A place for every Cosplayer to shine is the Cosplay Runway Showcase. A definite must-see for avid photographers!

5) Cosplay Talent Showcase Competition

A Cosplay competition that focus on entertainment and creating opportunities for cosplayers to innovate and create. Cosplay competitions are usually where the cream of the entertainment is as cosplayers dazzle the stage with their intricate costumes and intriguing skits. So don’t miss this out!

6) Fightsaber Performance & Panel by Stage Combat Fundamentals

A visual galore for Star Wars fans! Catch fellow Star War fans battle it out in engaging fight choreography with accurate costumes and props!

7) Anime Quiz Challenge, brought to you by Anime Yorozuya

How otaku are you? Test it out as you play along with the Anime Quiz contestant off the stage in the battle of Anime knowledge!

8) AniDance & Music Celebration

A dance off for everyone in celebration of Anime music and companionship. What’s there not to like?

9) Doujin Market & Extravaganza Exhibition

A staple diet and where your wallet goes to die! Other than the usual Doujin merchandise where creative artists bring forth their handwork, Anime Yorozuya will also be bringing their stash of authentic Anime merchandises.

10) Cosplayer's Recharge Zone, Dedicated Photography Zone, Dealer's Row

Cosplayer rejoice as the event has a place for you to rest and recharge at level 4! Photography avids can also jump for joy as areas have also been set aside for you to set your gears up!

These are just some of the event highlights I ahve gathered. For the full schedule of happenings, meet and greet timings and so on, follow ICDS on facebook and their official website.


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