People Fried Pirate Ep 2 (Parody Video)

Part 2 of People Fried Pirate is out! We had a lot of fun filming, hope you had as much fun watching. Remember to share the video if you liked it. We really appreciate that and any comments you might have ^_^


Script writer: Ricky Chen

Video director: William Rescend

Video Editor: Kaika

Ning Cai Chen 寧采臣 : Yuanie
Nie Xiao Qian 聶小倩 : Kaika 
Yan Zhi Xia 燕赤霞 : Rocky 
Lao Lao 姥姥 : Seiyume

Assistance: Sakana & Roger

I present the “People Fried Pirates!”. A beyond random parody of the 1987 Hong Kong romantic comedy horror Movie; A Chinese Ghost Story.
“ A Chinese Ghost Story (Wade–Giles: Ch'ien-nü Yu-hun; literally: "The Ethereal Spirit of a Beauty") is a 1987 Hong Kong romantic comedyhorror film starring Leslie Cheung,Joey Wong, and Wu Ma, directed by Ching Siu-tung, and produced by Tsui Hark. The plot was loosely based on a short story from Qing Dynasty writer Pu Songling's Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio(聊齋誌異), and also inspired by the 1960 Shaw Brothers Studio film The Enchanting Shadow. The film was popular in Hong Kong and several Asian countries, including South Korea and Japan when released. Most notably it boosted the stardom of Joey Wong, won Leslie Cheung popularity in Japan, and sparked a trend of folklore ghost films in the Hong Kong film industry, including two sequels, an animated film, a television series and a 2011 remake.”
from: Wikipedia


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