Singapore Toy Games & Comics Convention 2015

It’s been a week since the Singapore Toy Games and Comics Convention took place in the Marina Bay Sands Convention Hall. Here’s a little run down of what went on in the event!

Event Name: Singapore toy Games & Comic Convetion
Date: 11 & 12th September 2015

The STGCC this year has a smaller hall than the previous year. However it still has a star studded line up of 28 international guests such as Comic Artists, Musicians, Voice actors, Illustrators and Cosplayers.

Cosplayer guests Stella Chu & Jacky Dosai Tadaaki on stage.

Prolific character designer and Manga Artist; Yoshiyuki Sadamoto Sensei who is well known for designing characters from hit titles such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, DIEBUSTER, The Girl who leapt through time , Wolf Children and Summer Wars, was one of the major highlight for diehard Anime fans. Many of which, grew up watching the characters he designed.

Yoshiyuki Sadamoto sensei had a spotlight panel as well as 2 Meet & Greet sessions with the fans. Many of the fans started queuing way ahead of the scheduled time. By the time the Meet & Greet officially started, the queue had snaked to the point the event marshals had to jump in and cut it. Which was disappointing to many of course, especially for fans who had taken the effort to dress up and queue on time. A friend of mine who dressed up as Asuka and brought Sadamoto Sensei’s Artbook almost couldn’t get to meet him but a kind soul gave up her slot for her and now she’s a happy bird forever haha!

Mintos cosplaying as Asuka Langley from Neon Genesis Evangelion

Jokes aside, kudos to the generous soul who gave up his slot in the queue for my friend who was unfortunately, cut off by the Event marshals.

Another highly anticipated presence was the return of prolific Japanese Voice Actor; Sugita Tomokazu. Along with his close friend and leading game producer, Mori Toshimichi , the duo had a hilariously interactive stage panel on Sunday. Voice actor Sugita Tomokazu charmed the crowd easily with his sincere, amiable and wacky persona. The highlight of the panel had to be the FAQ at the end. 5 lucky fans were chosen to ask the duo a question while the last fan was given the option of requesting something from Sugita Tomokazu.

And what did the last fan requested for? She requested for Sugita to sing the Doraemon Opening; it was pure gold! The Doraemon Song request is inspired by an episode of Gntama where Gintoki, who is terrified of Ghosts, sang the said song to calm his nerves.

Sugita expressed surprise at the request, saying he never expected to sing Doraemon in Singapore and proceed to turn the crowd rolling with laughters. I really wish you guys could have heard and seen his new take on the song! It wasn’t hard to see why this guy has so much fans!

ActionCity also managed to bring in life size statues of the Hulk and Hulk Buster from the blockbuster movie , “Avengers; Age of Ultron”. This is the first time these larger than life ( physically really) statues are on displays in Southeast Asia.

I kinda wished they could have showed snippets of the movie around the display arena or played the theme song in the background. It would have enliven the displays exponentially as it helps to bring the fans back to the exciting movie moment.

This was also the year STGCC introduced the “STGCC Championship of Cosplay” competition. Winner of the championship will represent STGCC in the 2016 C2E2 Crown Championships of Cosplay in Chicago where they vie for the Grand Crown. Check out my coverage of the Championship in a separate post here.

STGCC also introduced the Kids Cosplay Parade. Basically a dedicated runway for young children to showcase their costumes and strut their stuffs! The adorable children were such heart stealers it was hard not to quell overfish over their moe-ness (cuteness)!!

In fact the Cosplay judges were so overwhelmed themselves that Jacky Dosai Tadaaki even stood up and cheered for them. Such a nice big brother he is!

Another staple highlight for any ACG event would be the Doujin booths! Booths displaying merchandise and artworks of both commercials and talented individuals!

Speaking of talents, STGCC, in view of Singapore’s golden Jubilee also had a few SG50 specials! An array of custom memorabilia were designed by Singapore based artists such as Tell Your Children, Keh Choon Wee , Ong Ean Keat of Keatopia and more. The custom designed Munnies were auctioned off for the Child welfare organise; Club Rainbow. Way to go combining artistry with charity in celebration of our motherland’s big 50!

Shugah-Eyed Munnster by Singaporean artist; Caramelaw

STGCC also had  a collaboration with Simone Legno of Tokidoki to produce an exclusive SG50 Unicorno collectible. The 1000 limited edition piece stands at 5 inch tall and is made of vinyl. It features a gold body with iconic elements of Singapore printed on it.

STGCC X TokiDoki

Once again, I had to miss the concerts at the end of the event so no photographs/ coverage here! But here's a recap video from Motoloid for all of us that missed the fun.

Everybody Have Fun!!
You are awesome!!!! STGCC!! シンガポール最高でした。
Posted by Motoloid on Sunday, September 13, 2015

But what’s a STGCC coverage without a walk through the booths and their merchandise? Check out what I saw below!

Doggies cosplaying as Ironman & Green Lantern hahha. They even have their own facebook page Moo Moo & Nal Nal.

Hope you guys enjoyed this write up of what STGCC offered and what I saw!

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