STGCC Championships of Cosplay 2015

The STGCC Championships of Cosplay had it’s first run this year . Winner of the Championship will represent STGCC in the 2016 C2E2 Crown Championships of Cosplay in Chicago, the final round in the Quest for the Crown Cosplay Competition Circuit. There, the STGCC representative will compete with the international competitors for a shot at cash prizes and the title of the Grand Winner.






15 hopeful contestants were shortlisted and did their best to wow the crowd yesterday afternoon. All the cosplayer had really high quality costumes and it wasn’t hard to see the effort they invested for this competition.  Check out some of the photos & videos I took of their glorious performance. I loved how most of the cosplayers who partake had costumes that heavily reflected costuming efforts.


There were 5 judges and they came from all over the world. They were namely Mr Bryan Tan from XM studios, Mr Reno from Movie Mania, Tadaaki Jacky Dosai from Japan , Stella Chu from North America  and YUI from Hong Kong.




Stella Chu from North America




YUI from Hong Kong. Check out how slim she is xD





Everyone was a charmer, however there can only be 3 winners.


Coming in 3rd place was Siti cosplaying as Immortan Joe from The Mad Max.


Photo credit: STGCC Facebook



Taufan cosplaying as Gan , came in 2nd place. Does anyone know what series this character is from?


Photo credit: STGCC Facebook



The grand winner of the STGCC leg is Vincentius Lie cosplaying as Iron Man Mark 39 (Starboost) from Iron Man.


Photo credit: STGCC Facebook



Hope you guys enjoyed the video and photographs!


Taufan Ramadhan said…
Gan is character from movies japan series the name "shougeki gouraigan"
@Taufan Ramadhan : Thanks for the info!

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