Random Cosplay Tips #14: Sew easily with tricky fabric Leather, spandex, satin etc)

Costume making always seem to require sewing with a range of fabrics. Anyone who has tried sewing through pleather, spandex or satin will agree with me that they are devil incarnate and will make a simple craft turn into your worse nightmare.

Here is a simple tip to help solve the problem. 

The next time you have to sew any tricky fabrics, place a layer of thin paper or tissue underneath it and then sew through both the fabric and the paper. 

This is how it will look like. 

The top 

The bottom.

Of course, nobody wants tissue on their costume. So after you're done sewing, just tear the tissue paper away gently. Be as gently as you can because if the paper is not thin enough, it can end up breaking your stitches.

Hope this tip was helpful! Remember to leave a comment if you liked this tip!


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