Sailor Moon Crystal Photoshoot

I don’t claim to be the biggest sailor moon fan around, after all, I never even got around to even finishing the anime. But it was such a nostalgic part of my growing up years so it was a "dream come through" to finally cosplay someone from this series.



Photographer: Zerartulpeaktures

Moon: Yuanie
Mercury: The Cosplay Chronicles
Mars: Jimori Fukato Takitoji
Jupiter: Luna En Grey

Helpers: Ricky & Amelia


I cannot remember how old I was when I first saw the Anime. I only remember running home excitedly every Saturday, hoping to catch it on TV. Like many other SM fans, I definitely spent too much of my allowance on Sailor moon cards and stickers, something I still own today.

I've got to be honest, I was pretty apprehensive about doing Sailor Mercury in the beginning. After all, she’s not exactly my usual genre. But I’m glad my cosplay makeup & dressmaking skills have allowed me to chameleon into her better than I could 14 years ago.

We were supposed to debut this last Anime Festival Asia but due to personal reasons, had to push it to Cosfest 2015. Shortly after Cosfest 2015 this July, I packed up and flew myself to Europe for a 5 weeks trip. Which is why we only managed to have a photo shoot in September.

Much thanks to all the helpers and photographer for making the photo shoot possible. Also sending loves to the rest of the girls for their lovely companionship and camaraderie. It was amazing to be part of a group who shared as much passion as you. Everyone helped each other and got along very well. It made me enjoy group cosplays again.

Along with some of the other girls, I tailored my Sailor Suit costume. I didn’t feel like I was up for making a spandex suit and these days, I much rather pay a professional than spend my precious time agonizing over a costume. That’s not to say I stopped crafting or dressmaking altogether, it just means I do lesser of those now because I have more money and less time on my side. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’ll never be able to do everything I want to do if I don’t delegate the workload. Anyway, Cosplay is for fun and I don’t want to stress myself over it more than I already do.

However, I ran into some last minute problem after returning from my China trip early this June (before Cosfest). My tailor had made the costume way too big for me! I managed to convince her to alter as much as she could but I still had to make massive alterations after I brought the costume back.

DSC00005 edit

I took around 1.2 inch away from the torso length and 1 inch away from the waistline if my memory serves me correctly. But even with all that, the torso was still too long for me and I resorted to pinching and hand sewing the sides of the white suit to make the ‘v’ cut looks sharper (in turn creating the illusion of shorter torso) . We also trimmed a couple of inches off our skirts because it wouldn’t be Sailor Scouts without short skirts  XD!!!

My biggest headache however, was her boots! I had previously bought a beautiful blue pleather from Manila hoping to turn it into a boots cover. It was shiny and beautiful but sadly, didn’t match my costume at all. So I went on to buy a pair of blue velvet boots from Taobao.

I nearly choked when it arrived a week or so before the event in the darkest possible shade of blue velvet. I swear I did all I could to ensure the colour was right but that's what happen when you buy something without seeing it physically.


The boots came in the darkest possible shade of blue velvet… I almost wanted to cry.

So I went out, bought some blue satin and made my own boots cover. The blue satin I bought previously was no longer available so I had to choose another fabric instead, thank goodness everything turned out well in the end.

Click here to see my tutorial on making boots cover with non-stretchy materials.

DSC00045 edit

Skipping straight to the Photoshoot day!

I actually left my Tiara at home but thank goodness Sakana and was still at home and had an extra Tiara to save my day! *grateful*

The cosy set up!
The only group shot we had haha.


Sailor Venus by SFSakana
Sailor Mercury by Kaika
Much thanks again, to Zeratul for his amazing photographs and lovely disposition. It’s always awesome working with him. I hope you guys liked this photoshoot and the photographs. Comment and let me know what you think!


sachie said…
Ahhh! Your photos are perfect - and such a great location! Beautiful photos!
@sachie: Thank you so much ^^ ALl credits to the photographer ^^
cayadi erika said…
awensome >////< your sailor moon tem really awensome, nice post <3 <3
if you interest please coming to my blog too ^^

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