Mononoke Hime - Photoshoot

After having heard the name and it’s iconic theme song for near a decade, I finally watched Hayao Miyazaki’s Mononoke Hime around 4 years back. I’ve been a big fan ever since and went through the same ritual of rewatching it way too many times. I would even go as far as claiming it to be my favourite Studio Ghibli movie by far.

Other than the impeccable storyline and superb characters, I was especially smitten by Ashitaka, who happens to be the protagonist by the way. I’ve always thought it was weird why the movie was named “Mononoke Hime” instead of “Ashitaka’s adventure” when Ashitaka himself played such a  pivotal role in the movie. Ashitaka is a prince of the Inishi tribe.  He was cursed by a Boar God turned monster when he tried to protect his village from it. He had to leave the tribe after that and went on a long journey to seek the truth and find a possible cure for his curse that will very soon kill him. Ashitaka is the typical, silent and strong tribal boy. I like to think his added responsibility as the last prince of his tribe also gave him additional maturity and reliability.  A man of few words who always strive to do the right things for nothing in return. Oh, did I mention how hot he is? haha.

Anyway, during my crazy Manila Photoshoot trip in November 2014 , I had the chance to pair up with NekomiKasai from Philippines. She was a huge fan of Mononoke Hime too and we were both thrilled to be able to find someone who shared the same fandom!

Ashitaka : Kaika/ Elpheal
Mononoke Hime/ San : NekomiKasai
Photos: Jay, Bri , Erving & MarkOni 
Edit: Photographers & Kaika

BRI_8210 edit 4

“ The girl is mine. I walked in here this morning and I’ll leave the same way now”

DSC_0053 edit

“Why did you stop me from killing her? Tell me while you’re still alive!”

“ That woman is evil and NOBODY can stop me from killing!”

“ I’m not afraid to die!”

DSC_0058 edit


… You’re beautiful …”

DSC_1103 edit


_DSC1082 edit

“ Eat this. ”

DSC_0040 edit

DSC_0047 edit

BRI_8213 edt


I can’t believe this post had been this delayed! Where did all the time go??!

We took this set of photographs in a park in Manila (Nov 2014). I think Filipinos agree with me that filipino families love picnicking and having a barbeque session in the park. So amongst all the families chilling out, was a bunch of us doing this haha .  We had a lot of fun in this shoot and thankfully, it didn’t rain like my Rurouni Kenshin shoot. Due to the different terrain, modern structures and light a lot of the photographs needed intense photoshop. I’m not very good at photoshopping but I’m glad we managed to come out with something haha.

I really wish I have a great big Elk to ride on!!!


katz, kathy said…
And it has been my greatest honor and pleasure to shoot this awesome movie with you my dear! I am most honored that you chose me to be your San >///< I'll never forget our beef jerky moments~! <3
Frostii moon said…
An amazing Miyazaki movie. Also listen to the sound track just by it self.
Frostii moon said…
An amazing Miyazaki movie. Also listen to the sound track just by it self.
@Katz : *huggles san* hurhurhur beef jerky moments >/////<

@@Frostii Moon: Yes, I absolutely love the scores Joe Hisaishi did! The concert version is even better!
Arlette said…
i have to admit that I don't know the characters/setting but the feel of the shoot is amazing. Well done getting emotions across.

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