Touken Ranbu Live Action Musical

I know I’ve been blogging a lot about Touken Ranbu recently, but you really can’t blame me. The popularity of the series makes it hard to not talk about it! I know this isn’t exactly new news but there was a Touken Ranbu Live Action musical! And I just thought I’d share some of the eye candies I found!


Official website:






Character shot of the bishie(handsome) characters swords.  I’m not sure about you, but I personally find Ishikirimaru the most attractive here.  Doesn’t he reminds you of the Filipino Cosplayer Jin Joson 8D? Which is your favourire swords xD? Comment and let me know!



Merch-Musical-MikazukiCover (1)Merch-Musical-KogitsunemaruCoverMerch-Musical-IshikirimaruCover




Touken Ranbu: The Musical Trial Performance DVD is open for reservations at their website now at ¥7,000+tax each. The DVD includes the main musical (Part 1 & 2) and 2 discs of bonus contents. For further information about the purchase of the DVD/CD, check out their official website.




This particular clip of the musical performance had my eyes wide open in the beginning though. And not necessarily for good reasons hahaaha.


Reya Scar said…
I like the music, Show Me The World is my favourite song from this musical. I don't really like them singing live though... :D As for me, I think Mario as Munechika is the most attractive. But Ishikimaru and Kashuu are really cute.
@Reya Scar: I couldn't find the song u mentioned haha. But yeah, I agree with you. the boy's need to work on their live singing. I like all the boys, i think they are all 'super high level' cosplays haha ...but i somehow find ishikirimaru very ...'proper'. Now sure how to describe it.
Reya Scar said…
@Kaika ( aka Elpheal) Here's the sample:
You can also buy the songs online.
@Reya Scar : Ohhh Nice. I like the upbeatness hahaa. However it seems like all the touken ranbu songs are very very modern xD Nothing wrong with that though, but would be nice if there is more an ancient music theme to it to fit the story.
Umme Habiba said…
@Reya Scar@Kaika ( aka Elpheal) You're right but somehow I can feel it's really hard to sing and do the dance moves at the same time on the stage live, I can see them sweating, it's really tiring.

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